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All About RC Airplanes

image of an RC airplane on the ground

The next type of adult RC toys is airborne and fast. We’re talking about radio-controlled planes. Like real planes, these planes can take off, fly, and land. The difference is that you can play with RC planes without having to risk being in the plane or looking down in fear.

RC planes are great for people with free spirits who want to play with adult toys. The planes can reach amazing speeds once they’re on the air. Plus, you can fly them up to 400 ft. high. It’s more dangerous to play with RC planes because you can injure others or cause property damage. Thus, in the US, you need a special permit to operate a plane, even hobby RC planes. This means you need to register and take an aeronautical knowledge and safety test. Before you start flying an RC plane, make sure you know and have everything you need.

Get your permit from a local branch of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You need to mark your plane with an identification number for the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft System. There are certain spaces where you can use or play with your RC plane. You’d want to look for locations that have open spaces on the ground and over it. These include beaches, sports fields, ballparks, open hillsides, and public parks. Top manufacturing brands include Warbird, E-Flite, Freewing, and Flightline.