Altair Aerial High Speed Remote Control Boat

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Dive into fun with the Altair High Speed RC Boat. You'll feel like a kid again when you pick up the controller. Or maybe you're ready to introduce some fun to the youngsters in your life. 

Fun for the Whole Family

No matter the age, users are sure to love the Altair High Speed boat. Reaching speeds up to 40 km/h, this boat is designed for serious play. The smooth brushless motor keeps the boat going strong through long afternoons of play. 

The sturdy Altair is designed for open water, moving easily over rivers and lakes, but it handles well enough to use in a pool. No need to worry about your boat becoming stranded, the anti-capsize hull makes flipping the boat upright from shore a breeze. 

Friendly Design

Worried about letting this powerful boat get away? With both an out-of-range and low battery alarm, that's not likely to happen. Sound exciting? You'll be glad to know this boat comes ready to use straight from the box. 

With an included 11.1 V, 1500mAH Li-Pro Battery, you are sure to spend many days enjoying your time behind the controller. 

Whether you are interested in racing your RC boat or watching it split the waves, this is a great choice. Easy to use, even the novice will feel confident manning the controls. Whether you are looking for something to do with your time or something the whole family will enjoy, the Altair is the perfect fit. 

Never used an RC boat before? As long as you have access to water, you don't need anything else. The Altair's intuitive controller and self-righting capabilities will make you feel like a master in no time flat. 

Quality You Can Count On

RC boats can be an investment. You can buy with confidence knowing that Altair takes their commitment to their customers seriously. They create their products with you, the customer, in mind. Buy with confidence, knowing that your Altair High Speed RC Boat will provide entertainment for years to come.