GizmoVine High Speed Remote Control Boat

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Feel like a captain when you steer the Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat. Whether you are a kid or an adult RC boating fan, this powerful boat is an investment for hours and hours of amusement. Incorporating some exceptional high-tech features, it is an excellent addition to your collection of remote-controlled boats. 

Ideal for Pools, Lakes, and Rivers

Bring home this Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat and confidently challenge your friends and family to a boat racing game. Easily controlled by kids aged 14 and up, it is a perfect choice for indoor or outdoor freshwater boating fun. 

Durable and Water Resistant Design

The Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat is built to endure the challenges of rough waves, with its double hatched body that keeps the water out and prevents sinking. The high-quality build of this RC boat is not only resilient but recyclable as well and checks all the international health and safety guidelines. This boat is engineered with an anti-collision hull that diminishes any collision impact. 

Powerful and Auto-Cooling Engine

Getting this super-fast boat cruising on the water is effortless with its powerful engine. Reaching up to the speed of 20+ mph, the boat motor comes with a water circulation cooling mechanism to keep it cool and running efficiently. The fun never ends with the Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat, thanks to its high-capacity rechargeable battery and a self-righting hull for flip recovery. 

Water-Sensing Technology 

Take full advantage of the RC speed boat with its water-sensing device. The engine of this boat only turns on when the propeller is immersed in water, saving the battery and wasted energy.

150 meters Transmitter Range

Reward yourself or your kid with the Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat and race several RC boats simultaneously with its 2.4 GHz remote having an LCD and a whopping 150 meters signal range. It comes with a low battery alarm that goes off to keep you from a drained battery.