YEZI Yellow Remote Control Boat for Pools

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Set sail on an adventurous and entertainment-filled session with Yezi Vector Racing RC Boat. With its flip recovery feature, rechargeable twin batteries, and radio-controlled remote, this easy-to-learn remote-controlled boat promises ultimate playtime for kids and adults alike.

High-speed remote controlled boating experience

With an immense speeding potential of 20+ mph that can cover distances of up to 120 meters, this speed boat is ideal for outdoor lakes, ponds, and rivers, and even indoor bathtubs and pools. Controlling this boat is easy with its 4-channels remote having forward, backward, right, and left features. Any young or adult RC boating enthusiast can effortlessly learn to control this boat.

180 degrees self-righting flip feature

Don't let overturned boats ruin the fun. Capable of performing a 180 flip action, its self-righting feature rescues this boat from capsizing and lets you enjoy without any fear of losing your possession in the water.

Sleek Design with Waterproof hull

This Yezi boat flaunts a sturdy and sleek look owing to its smooth double-hatch design and a streamlined, waterproof hull. With its high-quality and solid built, this innovative product is designed to offer amusement-filled playtime. 

Strong, energy-efficient motor

Leave your friends awe-struck with your speedy Yezi RC boat, which features a powerful, sensitive, and water-cooled motor that can win races. Built-in is a water-detecting safety feature that only allows the motor to function once the boat is in water. This high-speed boat comes with a significant-sized propeller and a navigation-correcting rudder to make RC boating a child's play.

Rechargeable Batteries and a Low-Battery Alarm

Enjoy boating sessions that last for hours on end with this Yezi RC speed boat having durable twin batteries that can be recharged to continue the fun. Count on the convenient low-battery signaling feature in the remote control to let you know that it's time to plug your boat in for a recharge.