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photo of a high-end remote control car

One of the most common and easiest RC toys to access is the remote control car. As the name goes, remote control cars are adult toy cars that use radio control technology. Like all other RC toys, remote control cars often come in different sizes. The sizes often follow scales like 1:6, 1:8, 1:10, and 1:12. The most common scale of remote control cars is the 1:8 scale. This means that the car is 1/8th the size of an actual car.

You can find top rated RC cars that are cheap and easy to find. These are the types of RC toys that most people buy for children. Since they’re cheap, it’s easier to replace and maintain them, and they have less value. For adult players of remote control toys, the toys they’re after are hobby-grade RC cars. These are the RC vehicles that can cost you between $100 and $800 or more. The typical verdict is that the more you pay for the RC car, the better its quality and durability.

However, as with most things, this isn’t always the truth. Three are times when you don’t get what you pay for, no matter how high. This is why it helps to know which RC car is worth your cash. The top brands in the hobby-grade RC cars market include Traxxas, Mugen, and HPI Racing. Like cameras and smartphones, each brand is famous for its quality in its remote control cars. For example, Mugen has high-tech RC cars with suspension tech and a front driveshaft.