Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K Drone Camera with UHD

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If using the first thing you learn about this Pro Drone Quadcopter happens to be that it is presented by an authorized Autel Dealer and includes a full Autel USA Warranty, then you get a look into the reasons this drone is a quality purchase.

To start with, the EVO PRO II comes with a 1” sensor camera that can capture up to 6K video at 30fps...thats 6K to deliver the clearest, smoothest,HD details coming out of an aerial platform this size for the first time. The EVO PRO II’s camera generates superior HDR video using intuitive controls and a max ISO of 12,800.  EVO PRO II also pitches a preplanned mission using waypoints, so pilots can enjoy seeing it perfectly duplicate the pattern.

A smart controller with its own 3.3” OLED display eliminates the need for a mobile device. This drone’s flight offers another unusual feature, the Intelligent Flight Mode. The EVO IIoperates an AI Enhanced directional Obstacle Avoidance System so that this aircraft automatically evades collisions.  Its Intelligent Flight Mode allows you to be fully Immersed in activities pertaining to filming.

The EVO II‘s camera outfit is indeed so detailed in its capacity to deliver film, cinematography experts will find everything measures up to the highest standards of the Industry. This camera sophisticated drone can capture 6K video up to 30fps and 4K up to 60fps. The EVO II PRO delivers 10-12 bit HDR recordings,H.265 codec, and A-LOG game curve.

To keep photographers smiling, the EVO PRO II offers excellent low-eight and time lapse shooting options. A 1” sensor plus an adjustable aperture from f/2.9 -f/n max ISO of 12,800 with built in HDR bracketing and 20mp stills keeps the  shutterbug pros satisfied no matter what  the lighting challenge.

The whole package includes:

  • 6 propellers
  • 2 intelligent batteries
  • Custom Hard shell case
  • Remote Controller
  • Power Cable Charger
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Deco Gear Drone Photography Backpack
  • High speed 64GB micro SD Card
  • Software: 1 year Bibbet Photo Editor
  • Video Editor
  • Photo Denoise
  • IPIZAP Photo Editor