Holyton HS330 Remote Control Mini Drone for Beginners

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This drone is recommended for both kid and adult beginning pilots because of its list of recognized and easy to use features. Auto Hover keeps the height steady while One Key Take Off/Land makes basic commands simple. 

Headless mode means that even if there is a question about the Mini drone’s exact direction, the pilot can still give simple “left’ or ‘right” directions to control the drone even if it is being operated at a distance. Unique to this mini drone are also some fun features that are actually hand operated.

Five sensors bring feedback from every surface except the top of the craft and allow it to Auto Rotate, Circle Fly, and 3D Flip by using gestures alone. Flight time for the Mini drone is around 15-21 minutes and is supported by 3 batteries included. These features give the drone easy flying inside or out.