NEHEME NH525 Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

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The NH525 has been gradually refined to become a real tech treat for beginning  pilots because of its myriad of easy to use fun tricks.

For example, the NH525 can do many stunts inexperienced pilots can instantly deploy well, and not only that, the NH525 has some spectacular features that push it out in front of the competition. Young pilots can get lost for hours directing the360 degree flip to complete over and over or get mesmerized with the simple high speed rotation in repeat mode. Preplanning the drones flight pattern using the App screen and watching the NH525 execute the exact pattern repetitively is also another kid pleaser.

Sometimes the NH525 has been called the mini selfie drone for its  simple hands free qualities allowing the pilot to actually join in the video or shot. This little aerodynamically sturdy shell is easy to fold up so you can fly it wherever you go…and the camera does not disappoint either.

The 720p HD camera adjusts up to 45 degrees, so you can catch some amazing angles for footage or photos.  In addition, the camera can stream all your videos back in real time so you can see exactly what the NH525 sees and it is easy to  pop it up on social media for your friends or colleagues as well.

Two lithium polymer batteries keep the drone airborne for up to 22 minutes and continue tracking back to the controller steadily for up to 100 meters. One keystroke Take Off/Land along with Headless Mode, speed adjustment functions, Altitude Hold Mode, and hand gesture photo/video selfies keep the fun coming allowing beginners to look like accomplished pilots and the drone to become the life of the party.

The NH525 can also connect to WIFI using Flow in 4K. The foldable dimensions of this mini ultralight drone measure 5.1” x 2.8” x 2.2” and fits right into a sturdy box so you can be ready  to fly wherever you go.