Parrot Anafi Drone with 4K HDR Camera

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Presenting the consistently preferred high end beginner drone being primarily used in all types of construction and other industrial applications, the Parrot Anafi. The Parrot Anafi has an established reputation built on its valuable double camera setup.  Sporting two amazing and easy-to-use cameras, one for thermal imaging and the other for detailed visual inspections, these cameras used independently or together cover a great number of industrial application “must haves”.

Adding the 180 degree tilt Gimbal means you can have superior detail from unlimited angles even in difficult to capture lighting or dynamic environments.  And not only that, 3X Zoom is at your fingertips on both thermal and visual imagery cameras.  In addition, a three axis hybrid image stabilization feature completes the easy-to-use camera set up and allows you to deliver the ultra-stable videos and pictures so necessary for these industrial and scientific applications.

Here’s how it works to make this pair the consistent choice for dependable and accurate details including thermal interpretations: Camera 1 is a FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal imaging camera Camera 2 is a 4KHDR with 21MP Sony Sensor Put these two together with a 3X Zoom and a 180 degree tilt Gimbal and you have the winning combination for getting not just exceptional video, but footage that includes both visible and invisible fields of vision.

These extremely detailed videos can be captured using some very unusual angles if need be to overcome light or environmental obstacles.  The 3X Zoom operates on both of the cameras either individually or simultaneously.

There are some of the solid reasons this is the ultimate beginner yet professional class drone.  The Anafi thermal UAV can be deployed to begin capturing video in just seconds, so it is acceptable for emergency situations. Battery power brings a full 26 minutes of flight and can be effectively controlled through a WIFI range of up to 25 miles. The convenient Automatic Return Feature plus a programmable Geo-barrier providing wind resistance technology effective up to 31mph means that you will have minimal losses and downtime when you are using it. Controlling the Anafi thermal is a Freeflight software application which allows you to move from RGB to thermal views or merge the two. 

This software also utilizes color, allows you to isolate an image, or evaluate temperature of an image. This quietly operating drone preferred for commercial use is functional in its delivery to 4500m above sea level and can create thermal surveys or calculate thermal losses. It can also isolate thermal heat points to identify electrical or solar power failures.

In summary, the flexible, scientifically accurate Parrot Anafi is often chosen for its performance and ability to capture specific dynamic details necessary for industrial professionals such as those working in the Construction, Energy, Infrastructure, Civil Security, and Wildlife Protection companies because of its great and dependable efficiency.