SANROCK U52 Drone with WiFi Live and HD Camera

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The Sanrock U52 takes the stage sporting a 1080p HD camera with a 90 degree adjustable angle so you can shoot an entire array of creative angles. Its FPV real time transmission allows you to see what the drone is actually seeing through its downloadable app. A micro SD Card collects video clips automatically so you can edit HD footage bouncing it directly to social media platforms from your controller device.

The multifunctional U52, gives even beginning pilots the ability to do some pretty amazing stunts right out of the box. Take the 360 degree roll and throw in a bit of circle flying to keep young pilots entertained for lots of hours. They can also preplan a flight with wayfair points of light and watch the U52 execute the pattern flawlessly or use their smartphone to enable the Gravity Sensor where they can fly the aircraft by moving the phone whichever way they want the drone to go.

Auto Hovering is the technical name for the drone’s capacity to stop and stay at a certain altitude so that video and photos come out detail perfect. Headless Mode gives younger drone pilots another great tool so that even if the drone is too far away to plot its exact direction, the drone can be turned left or right. Also, three situations work to give important boundaries for wrapping up a flight adventure. An alarm will sound to tell the pilot it’s time to push the “return home” button if the transmitter battery is low, the drone operating battery is low, the drone is reaching its 100 meter limit to contact the controller.

The U52 offers an easy to use one key “Start/Land”  button which cuts down on a lot of articulate joystick moving. Pilots can also choose from 2 speeds, 1 for the less experienced novice, or 2 for seasoned professionals.

The U52 uses sturdy ABS material to support your safe use of the drone. One battery is included and can keep the drone flying fr 10-12 minutes. Although one battery keeps he DU52 in the air, you may purchase another so you can easily double your flying time.