XINGRUI H96 RC Drone with WiFI and 1080P Live Video

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The XINGRUI H96 Is another feature packed and beginner friendly drone that is fun for the whole family.  Its Headless Mode Allows you to fly the drone even when you can’t clearly see it because of distance or environmental issues. 

You don’t even have to know which way the craft is pointed to still give it simple commands. You can simply lock in the height you desire, tell it to hover, and it will hang there taking very stable photography and video footage without blurring.

Other beginner friendly and mostly only needing a single movement to activate features include the One Key Take Off/Landing and the simple 3D flip. Night flying mode makes it even easier with LED Navigation and Remote Lights.

The XINGRUI H96 also can exactly replicate a pre programmed flight plan using Software and your personal iphone. And how about those crisp, clear photos and smooth video footage? Check out the H96’s1080p HC 45% adjustable lens camera set on an antishake table. 

A 5G Ghz with FPV live stream video feed allows the pilot to see exactly what the drone sees giving you 100m of FPV live stream video that can be passed on to social media or other platforms even as it is being recorded. The stability of a 6 axis gyro added to a 2.4 Ghz FPV keeps clear communication going up to 100 meters to deliver a stellar digital live streaming performance.

Owners can download the H96 App so a gravity sensor that allows you gravity control will be available.  Once the sensor begins its work, you can use your smartphone to control the drone with horizontal or vertical movements. And not only that, two 3.7V 1600mAh batteries which, if both are used, bring the H96 a very nice 30- 40 minute flying time. The H96 takes approximately 60 minutes to recharge for another aerial thrill.