Top Rated Quadcopters

All About RC Quadcopters

Now, let’s talk about something a little easier to control once it’s airborne. Unlike RC planes, remote control quadcopters or drones are friendlier to users. Since they’re not in constant motion, you can control the speed at which they fly or hover. Drones are also powerful enough to carry loads, like cameras. Filmmakers love to use drones for their films. If you see wide, overhead landscape shots, drones are often behind them.

Since they’re easier to control, drones are also safer in crowded environments. You can even use them today to take photos or videos of sporting events. Before you do, make sure that the venue permits audience members to operate drones. Speaking of permissions, drones have the same regulations as RC planes. If you plan to use it in public or open spaces, make sure you register your drone at the FAA. Your state may also ask you to take a safety test first.

The top RC quadcopter and drone brands include Parrot, Eachine, DROCON, and DJI. Some quadcopters come with a camera already attached to the model. Others will have camera rigs where you can attach a separate camera.