HSP Rraycom Drift 4x4 High Speed RC Car

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Accelerate your racing ambitions with this super-fast HSP drift high-speed remote-controlled car. The large racer is scaled at 1/10 of the actual size, embodying realistic and advanced features for long-lasting, cool, and dynamic racing fun.

A tenth of the size

Experience the real deal with this large to-scale drift car, a tenth of the real size with realistic features, including aluminum shock absorbers with oil that let you drive for longer. Shocks are positioned at the front and rear for a smooth ride and proportional brakes reduce wear and tear. The astonishingly fast model car also has Hobbywing ESC technology that means you don't need a dual-mode;  waterproofing with an electric fan and heat sink provides increased engine cooling.

Hard drift tires

Race ahead of your competition in all directions as this remote-controlled racer is a four-wheel drive with hard drift tires. Paired with its realistic drift car body, you'll get the sense of being on a real track. The advantage lies in the car's aluminum center transmission shaft that will keep your toy car stable while driving over unsteady ground. You can race forward and backward or turn left and right with ease both on and off-road with pre-trimmed anti-skid tires.

Responsive with brushless motor

Speed away and race some of the top remote-controlled racers among your friends. This drift car runs up to 60 km/hour and its brushless motor means it lasts two to three times longer than cars with a carbon brush motor, taking up only a third of the same energy, making it economical as well as long-lasting. It has a 2.4Ghz system providing accurate and responsive steering on the most challenging of tracks.


Recharge your HSP drift high-speed remote-controlled car to go again and again with a rechargeable 7.4v 3500m battery capacity. The USB charger also lets you pick up and race your car in numerous locations.