4DRC V4 Drone Quadcopter with Live Video

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For many outstanding reasons, the 4DRC V4 Drone is easy to operate and perfect for beginning pilots. The One Key(one button) Takeoff/ Landing feature means only one touch will handle all that it takes to accomplish these critical moves.

Altitude Hold mode allows any pilot level to capture high quality photos and video from a stable position since you can quickly set and hold the height for hovering. And not only that, if you tap “fly”, the 4DRC V4 will exactly follow the pre planned flight pattern that you laid out.

The 4DRC has varying speed modes that allow you to change the pilot response time to fit each individual’s experience level.  With gesture control, you can make movements geared to start phone video recording, freeing your hands to handle more detailed camera issues or make some pretty involved selfies.

Even the 3D flip is a drone stunt made easy by simply moving one control stick after you climb to a reasonable height of around 2 meters. The 4DRC V4 also operates easily in Headless Mode which allows the pilot to turn the drone to the left no matter what direction it is flying and is really important when it is covering territory at a distance from the pilot.

The 4DRC V4 takes to the air with a 110degree FOV WIFI camera allowing the pilot to see what the Drone sees at the same time video footage is being recorded. The WIFI FPV feature allows you to stream the content as it is actually being shot and comes with its own handy guide so you can easily control the WIFI feed from a distance of up to 80m.

The 4DRC V4 also has a 3D view mode if you use it in conjunction with your phone on VR glasses mode. You can expect a truly spectacular 3D; video experience as you are filming. When you fold up the 4DRC V4 Drone which weighs under 250 grams and collapses, it fits into a 6.3x.6x1.5 inch tiny package that’s easy to pack around for indoor or outdoor flying.

Flight time for the 4DRC V4 Drone is 14-17 minutes per 3.7V 1220mAH battery for a total of between 28 and 34 minutes. The 4DRC V4 can be controlled up to 120 meters from its controller. This company, DroneEye, makes a point of offering customer service to handle maintenance and repairs and markets their determination to solve all your flying problems.