ARRMA 4WD Granite RC Monster Truck

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Outpace the competition with the ARRMA Granite blue RC truck. With oversized tires, heavy-duty front and rear bumpers, and a full-time four-wheel-drive transmission, this radio-controlled monster truck is designed for extreme play. Able to reach a maximum speed of 30 mph in optimal conditions, this is the truck you want for competitive racing, and its bold blue and black design lets you stand out from the pack at high speeds. 

Durable Design

With a stronger chassis than its predecessor and steering that offers more clearance to navigate sticks, stones and other obstructions, this durable radio-controlled vehicle can handle the roughest terrain out there. At 1/10-scale, ARRMA's Granite truck features a waterproof MEGA motor so it starts and stays running even if it gets wet, and it has retained hinge pin plates and rubber shielded bearings throughout for unstoppable performance when bashing at high speeds. Body mounts and ride heights are adjustable to suit any situation. Plus, easy-access power and electronics modules simplify maintenance so you can get back up and running quickly after a repair or replacement.  

Other key features include:

  • a castellated slipper pad
  • sliding gear mesh
  • IC3 connectors
  • oil-filled shocks
  • extended-height dirt defenders
  • front and rear double-wishbone suspension
  • a long-life NiMH battery

Maximum Control

The rugged ARRMA Granite comes with an ergonomic Spektrum SLT3 transmitter, which promotes extended use without fatigue. The transmitter features an integrated foam wheel for precision control using just a fingertip, and it has a trigger-feel hand grip for a satisfying driving experience. Its corresponding SLR300 receiver sits safely inside the receiver box so it's protected from dirt and moisture so your truck stays responsive to your commands in any environment.

Ready to Go

The ARRMA Granite blue RC truck comes fully assembled so it's ready for play right out of the box. Just add two AA batteries, and you're off and running, whether you're on a homemade obstacle course or racing through a concrete urban jungle.