Axial Bomber Racer 4WD RC Rock Racing Truck

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Leap over boulders with the Axial Bomber Racer RC Truck. This hardcore hobby-grade monster truck racer is ready to offer up days of rugged exploration across even the roughest terrain. Featuring a tough-as-nails shock-absorbing body design that shakes of falls like they were nothing. This RC racing truck is almost like the real deal in miniature.

Powerful Handling That’s Build To Endure

The Axial Bomber Racer RC Truck is all about serious toughness while delivering impressive performance, and its powerfully build composite plastic full tube chassis is just the start of that durable design. Inside and outside, the Axial Bomber comes with hardcore build. This includes a full ball bearing Hi-Lo transmission composition that’s made of real, fully metal interlocking gears. This couples with a powerful 32-pitch gearing system that’s designed to deliver high torque on the fly. 

Supporting its undercarriage are true aluminum King/Fox shock absorbers that come precision-machined with tightly fitted pistons for smooth performance across nearly any range of terrain obstacles. 

Easy to control and Tough

The Axial Bomber Racer RC Truck takes 2S or 3S LiPo batteries for maximum endurance and power delivery to its heavy-duty rock crawling drive system. Their casing is easy to access, waterproof and offers plenty of protection to keep anything from coming loose. A powerful set of WB8 HD drive shafts run robust power down to this RC racer’s hefty transmission while a waterproof metal gear servo provides precise, rugged steering for added strength and endurance while the Axial Bomber batters its way across boulder fields and mud.

The whole Axial Bomber Truck is locked down against the elements with full waterproofing to its steering motor, drive shafts, transmission and electronic components. This waterproofing includes the receiver case to which the this rock crawlers Spektrum DX3 2.4GHz DSMR remote control transmitter sends your driving controls.

For hardcore, heavy duty off-road rock crawling and dirt racing, you can’t easily find better than the performance of the Axial Bomber Racer RC Truck. It’s made to offer plenty of power and precision-built endurance.