Blade mCPX Remote Control Helicopter

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Soar over the world with the Blade mCPX RC Helicopter. This tough little RC chopper offers a remote flight experience that’s easy to learn, completely safe and designed for all kinds of aerial acrobatics. It’s tough, durable and long lasting enough to be a perfect gift for both beginners and intermediate RC pilots.

Easy To Fly And Safe

The light-weight Blade mCPX is built with safe, easy flight programming. It uses SAFE and AS3X technologies that let even the most beginner navigator get confident with using it quickly.

Three progressive flight modes for increasingly advanced controls are available and if at any time you have trouble orienting yourself with any of these, a panic recovery mode will stabilize the machine down to a specific and level altitude immediately.  The Blade mCPX’s SAFE-Z Altitude control alone lets you set a consistent height that the little bird can’t go beyond.

Powerful Performance In The Skies

The Blade mCPX helicopter’s 6,700 Kv brushless main motor provides robust power to the micro helicopter's light and aerodynamic body while a second 7,700Kv Outrunner brushless tail motor adds to this for even more thrust and stability.

To make control of the Blade mCPX even more precise, dual ball bearing linear long-throw servo motors deliver a specifically calculated level of torque and speed that lets you carefully control the helicopter's height and stability , regardless of which of its three safety levels you're using.

For younger kids and even for adults, this RC helicopter is designed to offer plenty of versatile flying.

Light, Durable Build That Lasts

The Blade mCPX RC Helicopter weighs just 0.41 lbs and is built with extremely tough reinforced plastic and metal parts. This means that even after most kinds of accidental crashes into ground or vertical obstacles, it’s unlikely to break or stop working.