Carrera Digital 123 GT Slot Car Set

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Race into fun with the Carrera Digital 123 GT Slot Car Set. This 1:24 scale track with 1:32 scale cars makes it feel like you are right behind the wheel with the ability to switch lanes and pass when racing. WIth over 25-feet of track, you have time to get comfortable and have some fun. 

Head To Head Action

While the Carrera Digital 123 GT Slot Car Set provides plenty of enjoyment for one-on-one play, it also allows you to compete head to head. The fun never stops and there's always another challenge ahead with curves, straight-aways, crossovers, and lane swaps. 

You'll never get bored because something exciting happens with each race. 

Intuitive Design

Don't let all the thrills scare you away from group play. This is the perfect activity for the whole family. The challenges are real, but the intuitive design and well-made track make it easy for youngsters to pick up the action. Before you know it, they'll be running circles around you. 

And, you don't need to worry about letting the youngsters race these cars. Designed for fun and made to last, this slot car set is quality you can trust.

123 GT Slot Car Set

When you buy the Carrera Digital 123 GT Slot Car Set, you aren't limited to the fun of your initial purchase. Once your crew is comfortable hitting those curves and tearing down the straight-aways at max speed, you can add to the fun with an expansion pack. 

Make your track longer, add additional challenges, spring for some digital accessories, or add some cars to your fleet. The options are endless, just like the fun. 

Quick Start Racing

We've all been there. You are ready for some fun with your new toy, but batteries aren't included, things need to be charged, or everything you need isn't in the box. That won't happen here. 

The Carrera Digital 123 GT Slot Car Set is ready to go, out of the box. Set up the track and start racing.