Cheerwing High Speed Racing RC Boat

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Rule the waves with the CheerWing high-speed RC boat. This high-speed remote-controlled vessel achieves a maximum speed of 30 mph so it's the perfect boat for freshwater racing in your backyard pool or a local lake. Its sleek lines and streamlined design make it a standout among RC vessels, and its motion and wake mimic larger vessels for a true-to-life racing experience. Plus, with waterproof dual-locking covers, this lightweight racer is designed to stand up to intense play, keeping the water away from sensitive components to ensure hours of outdoor enjoyment for kids or adults.

Peak Performance

CheerWing's RC watercraft features a 2.4Ghz marine radio-control system that lets you synchronize multiple boats for more complex racing scenarios or demonstrations. Pairing is simple and takes only minutes, so you're ready to hit the water quickly, and the trigger-style controller features a comfortable hand grip and fingertip controls that promote fatigue-free extended play. 

This versatile racing ship includes options for forward and reverse operation so you can easily maneuver your vessel around obstacles and out of tight spots. The boat runs off of a brushless, water-cooled motor, which delivers powerful, lasting performance and reduces the need for replacement parts. When it comes time for maintenance, the ship's outer and inner covers provide no-hassle twist-off access to interior components, permitting quick battery replacement and simple repairs.

Easy Recovery

You never have to worry about your boat sinking thanks to the CheerWing's self-righting hull, which lets your craft recover quickly from capsizing during rough play. The CheerWing high-speed RC boat also features a poor signal alarm, letting you know when your boat reaches the limit of its range so you can recall it before it's too late. A low battery alert provides additional protection from loss, giving you ample time to turn your vessel around before the motor cuts out to minimize retrieval efforts.