DEERC DE22 Drone with GPS and 4K Camera

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The DEERC DE22 makes its mark on quality images whether photos or footage with a 2 axis Gimbal camera using EIS technology to bring massive amounts of detailed recordings into clear, amazingly focused visual content. Used to create 4K/30fps videos with impressive clarity, this one beats out the rest of the competition in its class.

The DEERC DE22 uses a 5Ghz FPV live video feed transmission that supports up to 3800 ft per second. The DEERC DE22’s 4K Ultra High Definition camera with 5 xZoom gives up a 4K UHD image that reflects the highest quality standard of professionalism.

The camera has a built-in Sony Image Sensor 100 degree and 80 degree adjustable lens, so pilots can pull down a clearer and more expanded view. Having a 5 x Zoom lens brings anything close enough to get superior clarity for your footage or photos.The GPS comes out of the box with 2 intelligent batteries keeping it airborne for a generous 52 minutes.

A package of features enhancing its appeal to beginners includes the Altitude Hold function for stability and the One Key Start and Emergency Stop. The GPS allows owners to know for sure where their equipment is all the time and the Auto Return function allows them the security that it will come back to its original lift off Location.

Waypoints lets you pre-program an exact pattern that your GPS drone will meticulously follow and Circle Fly directs the drone to fly certain parameters so that the entire surround can be accurately photographed or videoed. This GPS drone unfolds out of a custom carrying case and can be deployed in seconds wherever you go.