Holy Stone HS720E Drone with 4K GPS UHD Camera

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This particular Holy Stone Drone uses an EIS(Electrical Image Stabilization) anti-shake camera to shoot off of a solid platform so blurry spots disappear. The fact that this camera runs at a 56Hz FPV pace, means you can live stream some stellar footage pretty easily. The camera’s 90 degree adjustable capacity FOV coupled with a 130 degree FOV lens delivers an almost unlimited supply of wide angle shots.

A unique feature of this upscale Holy Stone drone lies in its FPS and GLONASS Satelite System that comes equipped with 2 navigation modules. The system keeps track of the drone’s location continually so that loss is never a concern. The Return Home feature supports this safety outlook  as it triggers the drone to immediately retrace its steps back to the take off site if there are any communication of power failure issues. 

Ready to fly right out of the box, the HS700E brings a variety of single button features for beginning pilots. Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, Air Pressure Sensor, and Optical Flow features make the H700E a breeze for lesser experienced pilots. Its quiet, brushless motor technology keeps its use well accepted wherever you choose to fly it.

You can view the HS700E’s video on your smartphone as it logs footage  by using The Holy Stone Ophelia Package Software after downloading it from the app. The HS700E uses 2 modular batteries to deliver a flight time of around 46 minutes. The HS700E comes with a premium carrying bag so it is easy to take it with you wherever you go.