LAEGENDARY 4WD Remote Control Rock Crawler

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Explore the great outdoors with the LAEGENDARY Grando RC rock crawler. Built to 1:10 scale, this tough-as-nails 4WD truck is designed for heavy-duty off-road adventure that's limited only by your imagination, and it has a bold, graphic look that stands out against any background.

Rugged Design

The LAEGENDARY Grando has a durable 4X4 body that holds up to the toughest outdoor play. It includes a sturdy front bumper with functional D-rings and a motorized winch for pulling other objects so kids of all ages can enact real-life rescue scenarios. Its formed-steel ladder frame forms the vehicle's backbone, providing support and promoting precision wheel placement, letting you navigate complex or technical terrain. Plus, it has a multi-link suspension system and oil-filled shocks to absorb the impacts that come with uneven or rocky landscapes.

This rugged rock crawler features a rooftop cargo rack and a snorkel for a fully functioning, true-to-life look, and it's IPX5 water-resistant to handle sustained wet conditions such as snow, rain, mud or creek-bed runs. If nighttime driving is more your style, the Grando's LED lights provide powerful illumination on the trail.

High-Octane Performance

Users of all experience levels should appreciate the LAEGENDARY Grando's high-octane performance and off-road capabilities. With a two-speed, high-low transmission, this vehicle switches easily from speeding down flat stretches to powering over obstacles such as branches, rubble and stones. Its RC550 motor provides plenty of torque for robust forward motion that quickly puts debris and other obstructions in the rearview mirror. Plus, with a remote range of more than 500 feet, the Grando is ready to explore the places you can't reach by foot.

Ready to Run

The LAEGENDARY Grando RC rock crawler is ready to run right out of the box, so you won't waste a minute with tricky assembly instructions. It comes with a remote, battery and charger, so you have everything you need to get started when the craving for adventure strikes.