XK X520 Remote Control Helicopter

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The XK X520 Vertical RC Helicopter is a remote control plane that can be used for a wide variety of reasons, the most prompt one being flying it in the air using a remote controller and playing with it, as well as performing tricks with it. This Vertical RC Helicopter is not suitable for children under the age of 14, so please plan accordingly for this product if the intent is to be used as a gift.

The XK Helicopter has 3 unique flight modes:

1) Indoor fixed height flight mode: The Indoor Vertical Fixed-Height flight mode of the RC Helicopter makes the aircraft fly vertically, similar to the quadcopter and a helicopter, allowing for a unique change in the flight pattern. It is also able to make the helicopter hover back and forwards left and right, as well as spin, with the unique accessibility feature of having a one-button take-off and landing tool.

2) Outdoor 6G leveling mode: This allows for the aircraft to take off vertically and lets the RC Helicopter enter a state of achieving vertical flight, as well as horizontal flight seamless docking, heading lock, self-stabilization which is perfectly suited for those who have never used a remote-controlled flight toy before. 

3) Outdoor stunt mode: This mode allows the aircraft to go into the third-dimensional position which makes the aircraft more accessible to perform stunt actions such as a death spiral or a tendon roll.

The package of the toy comes with a series of objects, including the instruction manual, the remote controller, a charger set, a spare propeller, a front wheel, a rear back wheel, a vertical wing, and a LiPo battery. The package weighs around 4 pounds and the control range for the product is around 150 meters, allowing for great length in using the remote controller.