The 6 Fastest Remote Control Cars in the World

Looking for the fastest RC car for your next purchase? Our expert guide shows you 6 fast remote control toys.

If you’re considering purchasing an RC car this year, you’re probably already trying to figure out how fast can RC cars go.

It’s normal for newcomers to want to know about these larger-than-life remote-control cars, just like a new driver wants to know the top speeds of the vehicle they’re purchasing from a dealership. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about them and how they operate, though. 

Remote control (RC) cars can go fast, but how fast? Our experts answer the question, “How fast can RC cars go?” in this guide. So read on!

How Fast RC Cars Can Go

There are quite a few factors that determine an RC car’s top speed. The most important factors are a car’s battery, motor, suspension, tires, and aerodynamics. Understanding these factors will help you make your RC car as fast as possible.

ModelBattery VoltageTop Speed
Traxxas XO-122.2V100+ mph
ARRMA Limitless22.2V80+ mph
Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL11.1V70+ mph
Team Associated RC10B6.2D7.4V60+ mph
Losi Tenacity DB Pro7.4V50+ mph

So, how fast can RC cars really go? The world record for the fastest remote control car is over 200 MPH. Of course this takes a streamlined car design with very little drag, as well as multiple powerful battery cells and motors.

Make The Right Battery Choice

RC batteries can be thought of as the fuel tank of an RC car. When the battery power is empty, the vehicle is going nowhere. 

There are two kinds of batteries used in RC cars: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH for short) and Lithium Polymer (LiPo for short). There are some critical differences between them.

NiMH batteries can be considered the standard battery for an RC car straight out of the box. NiMH batteries are packaged in an arrangement of 6 cells. They are bulky, require little to no maintenance, and are relatively inexpensive.

LiPo batteries do not come standard with RC cars and must be bought separately. LiPo batteries have a lighter weight than NiMH batteries and have half the cell arrangement of NiMH batteries. They are also more expensive and require a fair amount of maintenance for consistent performance.

The critical difference between these batteries is their performance. LiPo batteries will give your RC car a steady voltage on a single run, while the voltage of NiMH batteries steadily declines throughout a single run. If maintaining consistent speed is a must, LiPo batteries are the way to go.

Battery Voltage

Voltage is essential to consider when it comes to the speed of an RC car. Generally speaking, more voltage means more speed. But there are limitations.

Not every battery will work for every RC car. Each car has a system with a defined voltage limit. Using a battery that is not designed to work with your vehicle can potentially fry its system.

NiMH battery cells are 1.2 volts each. This means that the standard battery for most out-of-the-box RC cars will have 7.2 volts (as mentioned earlier, they come in an arrangement of 6 cells).

LiPo battery cells are 3.7 volts each. They typically come with a 3-cell arrangement which will give 8.4 volts to your RC car.

If your vehicle’s system is designed to handle a high voltage, upgrading to a LiPo battery with a multi-cell arrangement is strongly recommended.

Motor Types

There are two types of RC car motors: brushed and brushless.

Brushed motors use a pair of brushes to generate power and are the standard motor for out-of-the-box RC cars. Brushless motors generate power without friction and usually come with the more expensive out-of-the-box RC cars.

Brushless motor used in fast rc car designs

Brushed motors are generally cheaper than brushless motors but are less efficient. Brushless motors have high efficiency and durability, making them the preferred motor type for high-speed RC cars. Brushless motors are also low maintenance because there are no brushes to clean.

The fastest cars on the market almost entirely use brushless motors. Therefore, if you desire to make your car as fast as possible, a brushless motor is necessary.

Tire Choice Matters

Whether you want your car to race, climb walls, or just do donuts in your backyard, tires are a significant consideration. The tires you choose for your vehicle will affect your vehicle’s ability to gain speed. There are a few different tires, and no one type is recommended for all surfaces.

If you’re racing your car on tracks with smooth, flat surfaces, then slick tires are the way to go. Slick tires work best for runways, pavement, and tarmac areas like parking lots.

Example of slick tires shown on a racing remote control car chassis

Spiked tires are recommended for grassy, wet, and muddy terrains. Spiked tires provide your RC car with a grip to stay moving and maintain total control throughout the entire ride.

If you need tires that can work well on most surfaces, consider mini spiked tires. Mini spiked tires are designed to be between slick and full-spiked tires that will give a decent grip on most terrains.

Pay Attention To Suspension

Like regular cars, the suspension of an RC car is crucial. will take a good amount of punishment in their lifetime, especially if you like to race in bumpy or rough terrain.

No matter how flat your choice of terrain, no surface is completely smooth. Damage to your car’s suspension is a certainty and accumulates over time. Therefore, tuning and maintaining your car’s suspension will keep it fast and hopefully prevent long-term damage to your vehicle.

Getting Aerodynamic

Aerodynamics is the science of how objects move through the air. Aerodynamics plays a considerable role in racing because tweaking how vehicles move in open space can make them faster or slower. Major racing sports organizations like NASCAR pay very close attention to this.

The same principles that apply to the vehicles of NASCAR also apply to RC vehicles. Everything from your car’s weight to its shape will determine how fast your car goes and how long it will maintain speed. Aerodynamics even affects your car’s ability to turn, drift, and slow down.

If your car’s body is too heavy, it won’t go very fast. If its body is too light, it will be unstable. If you’re planning to start racing RC cars, it’s essential to understand the effects of aerodynamics. 

The Types of Speed

RC cars have two different types of speed. The first type is actual speed. Actual speed is self-explanatory. It’s simply how fast a car can actually go.

The second type is scale speed. Scale speed is determined by the speed of the model an RC car is based on. For example, if your RC car is modeled after the Nissan 350z, which is 1/10th the scale (size), then it can go 1/10th of the 350z’s top speed.

What Is the Average Speed of an RC Car?

The “average” speed of an RC car is determined entirely by its components. Most of the fast cars we tested have an average speed around 50 MPH. Ultimately, an RC car with no modifications will have a different (and probably lower) speed than an RC car that is heavily modified.

Standard vs. Modified

Standard unmodified RC cars aren’t speedy. Depending on their size, they can be expected to reach speeds between 5-30 MPH. Bigger cars are usually faster than smaller cars of the same make and model.

RC cars built for hobbyists and enthusiasts typically reach speeds between 50 to 70 MPH. Hobbyists and enthusiasts tend to spend money on additional hardware and upgrades for their vehicles to make them faster.

Cars built for racers and dragsters can be further modified for even higher speeds of over 100 MPH. Racers and dragsters place speed at the center of what their RC cars do.

The RC Car World Record

The fastest RC car in the world was not made by any company or brand. In fact, the world record belongs to a single person.

Racer Nic Case holds the RC car world record at an astounding 202 MPH with his car, the “R/C Bullet.” His vehicle is the first ever to reach a speed of at least 200 MPH, despite it being about a tenth of the size of an average car.

Did you know the worldwide remote control toy car market size is expected to reach $516.18 million by 2027?

Are you looking for a way to get your adrenaline pumping? Do you want an exciting hobby that will keep you entertained for hours on end?

Remote control cars are the perfect solution, but it can be hard to find fast RC cars that have enough speed and power. You don’t want to waste your money on a slow RC car, so how do you choose the right one?

Look no further! Keep reading because we have all the tips and tricks needed to help you pick out a fast remote control car that is sure to give you hours of entertainment. With our buying RC cars guide, we’ll show you exactly what features make an RC car go faster than ever before. Get ready for some serious fun!

How to Choose Fast Remote Control Cars

Many features make an RC car go faster than you need to look for. Let’s see them now:

1. Motor Type

The type of motor installed in your RC car will determine its speed. Brushless motors are the best option, as they provide higher rates and longer run times than brushed motors.

2. Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of an RC car determines how long it can run and affects its top speed. Look for a battery with a high voltage rating that can hold more energy and last longer between charges.

3. Gear Ratio

The gear ratio of an RC car is determined by the number of teeth on each gear, which increases the acceleration and top speed of your car if you choose a lower gear ratio. This also reduces the torque, so it is important to find a balance between speed and power.

4. Tires and Wheels

Make sure to choose tires and wheels that are designed for fast remote control cars. They need to provide the right amount of traction and grip for high speeds, so look for ones with deep treads or rubber compounds designed specifically for racing.

5. Weight

Lighter RC cars are generally faster than heavier ones, so you should aim to find one that has been built using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum alloy. This will help your car reach its maximum speed more quickly.

6 Fast Remote Control Cars

Now that you know what features to look for, here are our top six picks for the fastest RC cars. Have one to recommend? Include a comment at the bottom of this guide and let us know! We are are always looking for new models to add to our website.

1. Traxxas X-Maxx 8S 4WD Brushless Monster Truck

If you’re looking for a powerful and fast monster truck, the Traxxas X-Maxx 8S is one of the best options. You will be hard pressed to find a faster RC car offroad or onroad for under $1,000.

It has an 8s brushless motor that provides insane speeds, four-wheel drive capabilities to ensure you stay in control and some of the most durable parts available on an RC car. The body is more of a truck, which gives it ample clearance for all types of driving surfaces.


  • Size: The Traxxas X-Maxx is one of the largest and most impressive RC trucks on the market.
  • Power: The X-Maxx has an impressive power output, with a brushless motor and a 6S LiPo battery.
  • Waterproof: The X-Maxx is fully waterproof, making it an ideal choice for those who like to take their truck in wet conditions.
  • Easy to Use: Despite its impressive size and power, the X-Maxx is surprisingly easy to use.


  • Price: The X-Maxx is one of the most expensive RC trucks on the market, which may put it out of reach for some enthusiasts.
  • Weight: Due to its large size and sturdy construction, the X-Maxx is also quite heavy.
  • Noise: The X-Maxx can be quite loud, which may make it difficult to use in some areas or around other people.
  • Limited Options: While the X-Maxx is a fantastic truck, it may not be the best option for modifying or upgrading the truck.

2. Redcat Racing Shredder XTE

Picture of a Redcat Racing rc, one of the fastest models available

The Redcat Racing Shredder XTE is the perfect all-terrain RC car for those looking to hit the dirt running. It comes with a powerful brushless motor and adjustable suspension, allowing you to customize your ride no matter what type of terrain you find yourself on. And Redcat Racing is one of those RC brands that you can really trust.

The adjustable wheelbase will improve your handling and enable you to tackle turns with ease. The Shredder XTE won’t need any modifications out of the box, so all you’ll need is a controller and some batteries and you’ll be ready to put the pedal to the metal.


  • Price: The Redcat Racing Shredder XTE is a relatively affordable RC truck, making it a great option for those on a budget.
  • Performance: The Shredder XTE has a high-performance brushless motor and 2S LiPo battery that provides plenty of power.
  • Easy to Use: The Shredder XTE is easy to use, with an intuitive control system and simple setup process.
  • Customization: The Shredder XTE offers a range of customization options.


  • Limited Range: The Shredder XTE has a relatively limited range compared to other RC trucks.
  • Size: The Shredder XTE is relatively small compared to some other RC trucks.
  • Limited Speed: The top speed of the Shredder XTE is relatively low compared to some other high-performance RCs.

3. Arrma Kraton 6S BLX

Picture of Arrma Kraton rc car with fast tire setup and upgrades

The Arrma Kraton is a great choice for experienced RC car enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their vehicle. It has stunning four-wheel drive capabilities and adjustable shocks to customize your ride. This RC isn’t meant for drifting around a track, it’s all about pure speed!

Its aluminum chassis makes it able to tackle rough terrain and take on high speeds without worrying about breaking or damage – ensuring a smooth and powerful driving experience. The Arrma Kraton 6S is sure to be a great choice for experienced racers.


  • Power: The Arrma Kraton has an impressive power output, with a brushless motor and 6S LiPo battery.
  • Size: The Kraton has an impressive size, with a length of 23 inches and a width of 18 inches.
  • Suspension: The BLX has a high-performance suspension system that provides excellent handling and stability.
  • Customization: The 6S BLX offers a range of customization options, with upgrades and modifications available.


  • Price: The Kraton 6S BLX is one of the more expensive RC trucks on the market, which may put it out of reach for some enthusiasts.
  • Battery Life: The Kraton can drain its battery quickly, especially when used at full power.
  • Weight: The BLX is quite heavy, which may make it more difficult to transport and handle.

4. Traxxas XO-1

Picture of XO-1 the fastest Traxxas RC car available for sale

For those looking for the ultimate RC car experience, look no further than the Traxxas XO-1. With an incredibly powerful brushless motor churning out 60+ volts and a top speed of 100 MPH, it’s ideal for experienced drivers who demand the best performance and reliability.

It also features adjustable shocks for fine-tuning ride and handling, and its two-wheel drive capability gives you all the torque you need to take tight turns and power your way through any terrain. Put it in full-throttle mode and it’s a genuinely thrilling ride!


  • Speed: The Traxxas XO-1 is one of the fastest RC cars on the market, with a top speed of over 100 mph.
  • Power: The XO-1 has an impressive power output, with a brushless motor and 3S LiPo battery.
  • Stability: The XO-1 has an advanced stability management system that provides excellent handling and stability at high speeds.
  • Easy to Use: Despite its impressive speed and power, the XO-1 is surprisingly easy to use.


  • Price: The Traxxas XO-1 is one of the most expensive RC cars on the market, which may put it out of reach for some enthusiasts.
  • Fragility: Despite its durable construction, the XO-1 can be more fragile than other RC cars due to its high speed.
  • Limited Terrain: Due to its high speed and aerodynamic design, the XO-1 may be less suitable for off-road driving or rough terrain.

5. Losi Tenacity MT

Picture of Losi Tenacity RC truck on dirt

Any fan of off-road racing will be excited to hear about the Losi Tenacity MT. This 1/10-scale monster truck is jam-packed with performance features, from its powerful brushless motor to its adjustable suspension and four-wheel drive system. The Tenacity platform is not only one of the fastest, but one of the toughest on the market.

With the Tenacity MT, you are sure to have a thrilling ride both on and off road, with complete control over every turn. So whether you’re a professional racer or an amateur just starting, don’t miss your chance – get yourself a Losi Tenacity MT and take your racing game to the next level!


  • Price: The Losi Tenacity MT is a relatively affordable RC truck, making it a great option for those on a budget.
  • Performance: The Tenacity MT has a high-performance brushless motor and 3S LiPo battery.
  • Suspension: The Tenacity MT has a high-performance suspension system that provides excellent handling on rough terrain.
  • Easy to Use: The Tenacity MT is easy to use, with an intuitive control system and simple setup process.


  • Battery Life: The Tenacity MT can drain its battery quickly, especially when used at full power.
  • Limited Range: The Tenacity MT has a relatively limited range compared to other RC trucks.
  • Size: The Tenacity MT is relatively small compared to some other RC trucks, which may make it less suitable for off-road driving.

6. ARRMA 1/7 Limitless V2

As an RC expert, the ARRMA Limitless All-Road Speed Bash Roller (ARA7116V2) is an impressive addition to the world of fast remote control cars. It is not meant for the offroad at all, it’s a pure on road RC. This aerodynamic marvel is designed for advanced RC hobbyists looking to push the limits of speed and performance.

The Limitless is a 1/7 scale, 4WD street basher that comes as a roller, giving users the freedom to customize the vehicle with their choice of electronics, motor, and batteries. Its construction boasts a lightweight yet durable low-drag body, with an adjustable rear wing and front splitter that provide exceptional downforce and stability at high speeds.

While I have a soft spot for Traxxas remote control cars, I cannot deny that the ARRMA Limitless is a top-notch contender and a must-try for anyone seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush in the RC world.


  • Aerodynamic design: Low-drag body, adjustable rear wing, and front splitter provide exceptional downforce.
  • Durable construction: 3mm anodized aluminum chassis ensures resilience and robustness for long-lasting performance.
  • All-road capability: Versatile design enables the Limitless to conquer asphalt, gravel, and dirt terrains with ease.
  • High-quality dBoots Hoons V5 tires: Provide excellent grip and traction for smooth rides.
  • Large 1/7 scale: Impressive size makes for a more realistic and immersive driving experience.


  • Not for beginners: Due to its advanced features and high speeds, the Limitless may not be suitable for novice RC enthusiasts.
  • Additional purchases required: Users need to buy electronics, motor, and batteries separately.
  • Complexity: Customizing and assembling the vehicle is required, and may be challenging for some new RC hobbyists.
  • Limited availability: The ARRMA Limitless may not be as widely available as other popular RC brands like Traxxas.

Find the Right Fast RC Cars for Your Needs

No matter what types of fast RC cars you’re looking for, it’s important to make sure that the speed is up to your standards. With these tips in mind, you can be confident knowing that the fast RC car you choose will provide plenty of entertainment and excitement.

the fastest remote control cars racing

Whether racing against friends or just taking a leisurely drive around town, there are countless ways to enjoy owning an RC vehicle. So don’t wait any longer – start shopping for your very own high-speed RC car today!

Also, be sure to check out our blog for more RC car tips and tricks. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide insight and advice that can help you get the most out of your RC car!

Traxxas Fastest Models

If you’re looking to get your hands on some of the fastest remote control cars money can buy, no look further than Traxxas. We don’t cover in any other brands on this page, but Traxxas is worth it. Our expert team refers to them more than any other RC on the market, and for good reason.

Traxxas produces the fastest RC racing cars on the market. The model XO-1 can go from 0-60 MPH in under 3 seconds and from 0-100 MPH in just 5 seconds. Their monster truck, the E-REVO, can go as fast as 70 MPH and comes with all-terrain tires and a 2200 kV brushless motor.

When it comes to speed, Traxxas is currently the king of the hill.

Speed Thrills

As you can see, there are a ton of factors that determine just how fast can RC cars go. Speed is the name of the game when it comes to the RC racing scene, and it’s the most exciting part of owning an RC vehicle. Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to make an RC car that can break the world record!

If you enjoyed reading this post, let us know and check out our blog for more of the best RC content.

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 4 reviews
 by Bonnie Timmons
Where can I find the Arrma Limitless?

I love the look of the Arrma Limitless but can't find it anywhere online. Did they discontinue it? All the listings I can find are of a blank body with no paint or decals. Perhaps it needs to be customized but wow I'd love that blue color for my son!

 by Jenny Wisen
Don't sleep on Losi

Everyone loves Traxxas but I got a Losi Tenacity as a Christmas gift last year. It's surprising how closely it ranks IMO. Definitely check it out and you can get them for 30% less than most Traxxas models.

 by Eli Morena
200 mph is crazy fast

It's hard to believe some of these cars go more than 50 mph let alone 200 mph. My budget is a bit lower, around $300, so if I can get a Losi or even used Traxxas for that, I will be happy!

 by Harry Rhineheart
Traxxas XO-1 is my dream

I have had several RC cars that I thought were fast, but the XO-1 blows them all away. Will definitely be my next purchase!

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