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The 5 Best Wall Climbing Remote Control Cars

Looking for a remote control car that can climb walls? Forget about rock crawlers, these RCs can defy gravity!

Getting an ordinary remote control car in 2023 can be a lot of fun, but what kind of vehicle goes one step beyond that? Of course, the answer is a remote control car that climbs walls.

Kids and adults alike can use a wall-climbing remote control car to live out their Spider-Man fantasies in the real world. But, finding the right kind of vehicle can be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve written this list to find out what the best rc car that climbs walls is right now. We’ve noted down things you should look out for, before listing some of the best wall climbing remote control cars available on the market.

Features to Look for in a Wall Climbing RC

Before we get into any specific models, let’s detail some of the things you should look out for when buying a wall-climbing RC car. It is in some ways similar but very different than buying a more common RC like an offroad truck or a fast racing car.

Wall-climbing models represent one of many types of remote control cars available today. As a result, the first thing you need to make sure of is that the model you’re looking at is actually a wall-climbing vehicle.

Wall-climbing RC cars are still fairly niche, so it’s likely that the vehicle will evidence it can climb walls in its packaging or its marketing. But always make sure to double-check before you buy, as you may just be looking at an off-road vehicle.

You should also factor in the price of whichever remote control toys you’re looking to purchase. As you’ll tell by the list of wall climbing remote control cars we’ve made below, you’re looking at around $20-40 for a reliable model at the time of writing.

If someone’s trying to sell you any wall-climbing remote control toys that are way above this price, alarm bells should start ringing.

Finally, you need to consider the aesthetic appeal of any wall-climbing RC car. This is particularly important if you’re buying the vehicle as a gift, or for a child. How a remote control car looks can be just as important as how it moves to certain buyers.

Is it possible for an RC car to climb walls?

Yes, absolutely. Remote control cars that can climb walls typically use a technology called “wall climbing” or “gravity-defying” technology, which allows them to stick to and move along vertical surfaces. There are different methods and mechanisms used by different manufacturers, but the basic principle involves creating suction or adhesion between the car and the wall.

One common method is to use a fan that creates a vacuum between the car and the wall, allowing it to adhere to the surface. The fan can be powered by the car’s battery and controlled by the remote. Other methods include using tiny suction cups or electrostatic forces to create adhesion.

What kind of walls can you climb with a remote control car?

Generally, an RC car that can climb walls can work on smooth and flat surfaces, such as painted walls, glass, and mirrors. However, they may not work well on textured surfaces, uneven or rough walls, or surfaces with a lot of debris or dirt.

Your RC car may have difficulty climbing surfaces that are uneven, rough, or have a lot of texture or bumps. This is because the suction or adhesion mechanism used by these cars requires a smooth and flat surface to work effectively.

Some specific types of walls or surfaces that a remote control car may not be able to climb include:

  1. Brick walls: These types of walls often have a rough or textured surface, which can make it difficult for a remote control car to achieve suction or adhesion.
  2. Wooden surfaces: Depending on the type of wood and its finish, an RC car may have difficulty creating enough suction to climb a wooden surface.
  3. Plaster walls: These types of walls can be uneven or have a rough texture, which can make it difficult for a remote control car to create enough suction to climb.
  4. Dirty walls: An RC car may have difficulty creating suction on walls that are dirty or covered in debris, such as dust or sand.

Now that you know how they work, and what to look out for, it’s time to get to our top 5 list. Let’s get into the best wall-climbing RC cars on the market in America today!

1. Air Hogs Zero Gravity Wall-Climbing RC Car

Photo of Air Hogs Zero Gravity Car

Air Hogs’ wall-climbing RC car is likely the first model you’ll find when doing your research. It’s currently received the Amazon choice tag on Amazon, where it retails at $29.99 at the time of writing.

You’re able to purchase the Air Hogs model in either a red or a green color palette. The car itself looks like a sleek sports car and runs off of battery power.

What sets the Air Hogs RC car apart is its method of control. The majority of RC vehicles are controlled using some form of remote control; of course, you can ascertain that from their name.

But this vehicle is instead controlled by a laser device. This comes in the form of a laser gun that’s packaged alongside the car.

You point and shoot the laser at a wall, and the RC car will zoom towards it. And the Air Hogs brand overall it top notch.

This makes the Air Hogs wall-climbing RC car a fantastic option for younger children. They’re also great for children or people who find it challenging to hold a regular remote control.

This ease of access makes them instantly enjoyable, as you don’t have to practice much with the controls. Instead, just pick up the laser gun and fire your RC car up the walls.

This model can also drive on the ceiling, as well as on the ground. If you’re looking for an entry point into RC car driving, or you want a car that’ll wow your kids, this may be the vehicle for you.

2. EpochAir Wall-Climbing Remote Control Car

Photo of EpochAir Wall-Climbing RC Car

The EpochAir is the number one wall-climbing vehicle choice by Mashable on Amazon today.

It has a similarly sleek, sporty design to the Air Hogs vehicle, but with a futuristic appeal and a silver color palette. What really sets the look of this model apart is the fact that includes headlights.

These can be controlled by the vehicle’s controller, and run off of rechargeable LED lights. This makes the EpochAir a more environmentally friendly vehicle, thanks to its rechargeable capabilities. Ideally, you should charge the vehicle for 40-50 minutes at a time, using only the provided USB.

These lights aren’t just on the front of the vehicle, they’re also included on the back. That means you can visualize reversing with red lights, just like with a real car.

In terms of control, this is a model you might be more accustomed to if you’ve driven RC cars before. It comes with a standard controller with dual joysticks and 360 degrees of motion. 

You’re also able to sync up a total of 3 different controllers to one vehicle at any one time. This is a great option to help your children steer the vehicle, or if you have multiple kids who all want to play with the car at once.

Unfortunately, the EpochAir can’t quite grip to ceilings, but it does have both a wall mode and a ground mode. The 360-degree rotation offered by its design also makes it quite a speedy vehicle to control, much like these remote-controlled speedboats.

This makes it a superior option if you’re racing with your RC cars, or setting up challenging turns on your tracks.

For more serious racers who want a wall-mounting vehicle, the EpochAir is an excellent choice. You can buy it right now on Amazon for $27.99.

3. Pup Go Wall-Climbing Remote Control Racing Car

Picture of child using a Pup Go wall climbing car

The Pup Go wall-climbing control racing car is another solid option for children in our wall-climbing RC car toy buying guide. As you might expect, it’s modeled after a racing car design.

Much like the EpochAir, Pup Go’s wall-climbing car is controlled by a standard RC car controller. It offers both wall and floor driving modes, though no ceiling support.

It achieves its wall-clinging capabilities using a vacuum, combined with its ultra light-weight body. Much like the EpochAir, the Pup Go model is also rechargeable, making it more economically friendly and better for the climate.

When available on Amazon, it retails for around $22.99. This makes it a cheaper option than the EpochAir, but it can’t boast the EpochAir’s 360-degree rotation.

If you’re on a budget and you need a wall-climbing remote control car for your children with a real controller, this may be for you. But if you’re a veteran RC car driver, the EpochAir is a superior model overall.

4. RED5 Wall-Climbing Remote Control Car

Picture of Red5 rc car climbing on a wall of a house

The RED5 model is currently available in the UK and other regions and may return to America at some point in the future. It’s a metallic wall-climbing car, that currently retails at around $20.

It’s available in multiple different metallic colors, including a metallic red sheen.

It can also boast LED headlights and uses a similar vacuum approach to wall-climbing that we’ve seen in other models on this list. Its metallic nature means that it’s a bit sturdier than the plastic options available as well.

That means it’ll likely last longer than some of the other models, making it a worthwhile investment at its budget price.

It charges via a USB and is controlled by a standard remote control with dual analog functionality. 

If you can find a RED5 in America, it might be worth taking it for a trial run.

5. Force1 Zero G Wall Climbing RC Car

Finally, the Force1 is a direct rival of the first RC car on our list, the Air Hog. It also controls through a laser gun which you aim at a wall or on the ground.

Alongside the Air Hog, this is the only other model currently available that can also drive along with ceilings as well as walls and the ground. It’s got a futuristic design, with either a silver and green, blue or red color scheme to choose from.

What makes the Force1 stand out is the fact that it also has 360-degree motion, much like the EpochAir. This makes it a superior vehicle to the Air Hog when it comes to laser-aiming wall-climbing vehicles.

This does however come with a price. The Zero G Force1 is hard to find in America and retails at around $40. That makes it the most expensive investment of all the wall-climbing RC cars on our list.

But if you’d prefer a car controlled by laser aiming, the Zero G is the best option available today.

Can RC cars really defy gravity?

There’s many ways a remote control car can defy gravity. In addition to the adhesion mechanism, these cars usually have specially designed wheels or tracks that enable them to move along the wall, such as by using horizontal rollers that roll along the wall’s surface.

Most RC with climbing abilities usually go quite slow. So remove the image in your mind of a vehicle flying around the walls as fast as a Traxxas XO-1 might on the ground.

RC KingWall Climber RC Car7.5 mph$294.2 of 5 stars
SZJJXClimbing RC Car6 mph$344.0 of 5 stars
ThreekingClimbing Wall RC 5 mph$394.3 of 5 stars
Force1Wall Climbing RC Car10 mph$494.5 of 5 stars
DEERCClimbing RC Car8 mph$594.1 of 5 star

The remote control that can climb usually has a special setting or button that activates the wall-climbing feature, and the car may have sensors that detect when it is on a vertical surface and adjust the controls accordingly.

It’s worth noting that while remote control cars that climb walls can be a lot of fun, they typically have some limitations. For example, they may not work well on rough or textured walls, and their suction or adhesion may wear off over time or with repeated use.

Where Can I Find Out More About RC Cars?

You should now know all about your favorite remote control car that climbs walls. Hopefully, you’ll know which of these best RC cars that climb walls is the best option for you. If you are looking for additional recommendations, you might check out our guide to slot racing cars or our reviews of offroad trucks.

If you’d like to find out more about remote-controlled vehicles, be that a wall climbing remote control car or a speedboat, you’re in the right place. Contact our team directly, and our RC experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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