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The 4 Best Slot Car Racing Sets for the Money

Looking for a great slot car set for adults? Our team reviewed the top sets and recommend these 4 to buy!

Slot cars are more than just a kids toy. They can be incredibly powerful miniature vehicles guided by a small groove in a track. Today’s slot cars come in all shapes and sizes from high-end exotics to classic muscle cars.

Did you know that 180 public courses for slot car racing still exist today? Racing slot cars has been a popular hobby since the 1940s. With new generations entering the sport, learning how to play can be difficult. 

That’s why we’ve investigated the fundamentals of racing a slot car. That way, you can decide if the hobby is right for you. 

Now, are you ready to gear up? Let’s take a look at racing slot cars: 

What Is Slot Car Racing?


Slot car racing is a competitive hobby that consists of racing model cars around a track. The cars race around the track due to a groove in each lane that the car is placed onto. 

The contact between the car and the groove creates electricity. The automobile is controlled then by handheld controllers that increase or decrease the voltage amount, enabling you to steer the car. 

Racing slot cars have become incredibly popular over the years; even tournaments exist to prove which pro racer is the best. Some pros choose to build their own cars using unique mechanisms and parts to show their dedication to the hobby.  

However, if you’re a beginner, you’ll be fine purchasing a slot car racing set. The set will come with everything you need, including one or more cars, a track, player controllers, and a power supply. 

How Does a Slot Car Work? 

Before you get racing, you should understand how a model car works. To help you learn, we’ve listed all the parts and what they do below: 


The interior of model cars is much like the life-sized version. It has the same color seats and interior features. Some model cars even have a little plastic driver in the vehicle.

 The interior is molded below the window to leave space for the motor. So while manufacturers try to make the car as accurate as possible, some cars don’t have the room to include such intricate details. 


A small electric motor is what powers the car. It can be placed in the slot car’s front, middle, or rear. Just like a real vehicle, small gears transfer the power from the motor to the axle. 


The top of the slot car is molded and scaled to look like a real automobile. The car’s shape does not make it more or less aerodynamic like it would on a real vehicle. Instead, the car’s size and weight affect the driving performance.   

Guide Flag 

The guide flag, also known as a guide pin, is a small fin that sits in the track grooves and holds the braids. It ensures that the car follows along the tracks accordingly.  

Sample layout for a AFX Masters Slot Car Set


The copper metal braids provide power to the car by making contact with the grooves on the track. It’s crucial that the braids are twisted correctly to have a good driving performance. 


Slot cars are known to fly off the tracks due to high speeds and quick turns. Magnets have been added to the front and back of the car to help keep the car on the track. Stronger magnets are usually added to beginner cars or those scaled to 1:32nd. 

Types of Slot Cars 

There are two different types of slot cars. To get a better understanding of each, we’ve broken both down for you below: 


Analog slot racing was first developed over fifty years ago, but they’re still used today. Analog systems consist of two or more lanes; however, each lane and thus each car is controlled independently by the player. No two cars can be in the same or switch to different lanes.  

Plus, with an analog setup, you can mix and match different manufacturers. For instance, you can have a car made by one manufacturer racing on the track produced by a different manufacturer. 

This system proved to be fun, easily affordable, and efficient. Although, over the years, advances in technology enabled manufacturers to create a digital system. 


Ford GT slot car for racing

The digital system is not that much different from the analog setup. However, to increase the stakes, digital slot racing allows multiple cars to be in the same lane. Some digital systems even allow cars to switch lanes, leading to more competition between players.  

Although the one downside of the digital setup is that each manufacturer produces its digital system differently. Meaning that you can’t mix different manufacturers together. For the digital system to work, you must race with the cars and tracks produced by the same manufacturer. 

Best Slot Cars

There are three common scales of slot cars. To understand which one is right for you; we’ve explained their uses and benefits below: 


This type of slot car is larger than the typical slot car. As a result, they can be slower and harder to race with. 

Enthusiasts don’t tend to race with them due to their large size and hard-to-control nature. Instead, they’re used at club tracks or commercial promotions, which can make them valuable model cars.  

Its scale means that every inch equals 24 inches on a life-sized car. 


This scale of slot cars is undoubtedly the most popular among enthusiasts. They are easy to use, durable, and tend to have strong magnets. 

The magnets will help you stay on the track and, if you’re a beginner, help you develop your driving skills. You can take the magnets off to advance to more challenging tracks as you progress. 

These fast slot cars are also the preferred model for slot car drag racing. After all, the scale for this type of slot car means that every inch equates to 32 inches on a full-size car. Its medium size makes it perfect for any track. 


This scale of slot car is generally sold as children’s toys; however, due to the high cost, they’ve become more popular with adults recently. These slot cars tend not to be that durable, although, like the 1:32nd, they are easy to race, making them a great backup car to have. 

The scale for this type of slot car means that for every inch, there are 43 inches on a full-size car. Its scale makes it some of the smallest slot cars on the market.

Our Top 4 Slot Car Sets

Now that you know a little bit about slot cars, it’s time to pick out a set! Our team reviewed hundreds of pages of reviews and feedback, to find the best 4 sets to get started or upgrade your existing set.

1. Carrera Digital 1/32 GT

Carrera Digital 123 GT racing slot car

Race into fun with the Carrera Digital 1/32 GT Slot Car Set. This 1:24 scale track with 1:32 scale cars makes it feel like you are right behind the wheel with the ability to switch lanes and pass when racing. At an average price of around $400, it has everything you need to get started. And with over 25-feet of track, you have time to get comfortable and have some fun.

Head To Head Action

While the Carrera Digital 132 GT Slot Car Set provides plenty of enjoyment for one-on-one play, it also allows you to compete head to head. The fun never stops and there’s always another challenge ahead with curves, straight-aways, crossovers, and lane swaps. You’ll never get bored because something exciting happens with each race.

Intuitive Body Design

Don’t let all the thrills scare you away from group play. This is the perfect activity for the whole family. The challenges are real, but the intuitive design and well-made track make it easy for youngsters to pick up the action. Before you know it, they’ll be running circles around you.

And, you don’t need to worry about letting the youngsters race these cars. Designed for fun and made to last, this slot car set is quality you can trust.

The Complete Slot Racing Set

When you buy the Carrera Digital 1/32 GT Slot Car Set, you aren’t limited to the fun of your initial purchase. Once your crew is comfortable hitting those curves and tearing down the straight-aways at max speed, you can add to the fun with an expansion pack.

Make your track longer, add additional challenges, spring for some digital accessories, or add some cars to your fleet. The options are endless, just like the fun.

Quick Start Racing

We’ve all been there. You are ready for some fun with your new toy, but batteries aren’t included, things need to be charged, or everything you need isn’t in the box. That won’t happen here.

The Carrera Digital 132 GT Slot Car Set is ready to go, out of the box. Set up the track and start racing.

2. AFX22020 Racemasters 24 Hour Champions

Many boys dream of owning a slot car set and usually they receive their first when they are quite young. However some boys (men) don’t really give up their passion for mini cars racing around a track.

Later in life, they often go in search of the ultimate boy’s toy, as they race the model sports cars around and around tracks, trying to beat their own or one another’s best time.

Instead of spending thousands of a race car, the AFX slot car set averages around $300 in price and has a an excellent 5-star customer rating online.

Different tracks

The AFX 24 Hour Champions Slot Car set comes with twelve different track layouts and you can also customize your own; it comes with all the different track pieces you might need such as half straight, full straight, quarter straight, your terminal track, start track, inner curve and outer curve.

The track layout size can vary depending how it is shaped but the running length can be about 30 feet all together. So, it can be built and shaped to suit the area it will be used in.

Slot car drivers watch as their cars fly around the track at Foster’s Raceway. Frank Cowan/On the 101

The transformer comes with three different speeds in this tri-power pack, making it possible to set the speed level – beginner, intermediate and expert. So, if a person is just starting to get into small car racing they may want to start with the beginner so speed and build up their skill until they reach expert level.

The race set comes with two cars that have the newest AFX Mega-G+ chassis and have been redesigned to run smoothly with a quieter sound and are lighter than usual for better track handling on those tight curves. It uses more than thirty percent less electricity compared to other race car sets.

A feature of the AFX 24 Hour Champions Slot Car set with a flip of the power switch and the tracks are smooth with no deformities and easy to assemble and disassemble.

The set also includes AFX 120 controllers for fun challenges.

3. Carrera Evolution Digital Slot Car Racing Set

Challenge yourself or dare an opponent to race for the checkered flag with an Evolution Motodrom Racer electric slot car system from Carrera. This analog electric slot car set comes with everything you need to enjoy a realistic race in your playroom, dorm room, or man cave. And at an average price of $230, it is one of the most affordable digital slot car sets on th emarket.

Start Racing in Minutes

Open the box to find two wireless handheld speed controllers, more than 25 feet of track, and a pair of legendary muscle cars that are souped up and revvin’ to go. Within minutes, you’ll be ripping around a racecourse layout that provides exciting lane-changes, skill-testing banked curves, and long straightaways where you can really get up to speed.

Speedway Fun for Everyone

Suitable for racing enthusiasts as young as eight, the Evolution Motodrom Racer electric slot car system is sophisticated enough to thrill teens, adults, and anyone who wants to enjoy the fast-paced exhilaration of a real raceway without leaving home.

A Need for Speed

Whether ‘driving’ the legendary Dodge Charger Daytona No. 42 or the remarkably rapid Plymouth Superbird No.14, automotive adversaries are in full control as they enjoy hours of analog fun with this revolutionary racing game that ships with a pair of 1:32 scale cars and a 1:24 scale track where drivers can achieve scale speeds of up 370 mph.

More Miles? No Problem

Fully functional on its own, the Carrera Motordrom Evolution is an ideal slot car starter set that can be endlessly expanded with 4-, 6-, and 8-lane track extensions to create a course as long as your imagination can go.

Digital Future When You Want It

Awesome as this analog slot car set is, the Carerra Evolution Motodrom Racer system can be easily upgraded to digital with separately-sold accessories when you’re ready to take your racing career to the next level.

4. Carrera 23631 Start Your Engines Digital 124 Set

Carrera 23631 Start Your Engines Digital 124 Set

Race to the pinnacle of slot car excitement with the Carrera 23631 Start Your Engines, Digital 124 Set. This premium digital slot racing system, scaled 1:24, is designed for true motorsport enthusiasts.

High-Definition Racing Experience

Open the box to discover two BMW M4 GT3 cars, ready to battle it out on an 11.81 x 6.23 ft track. With a total length of 26.33 feet, the track offers ample space for high-speed action and skillful maneuvering.

Advanced Features for Ultimate Control

Immerse yourself in a race that feels real with ghost and safety car functions, and the ability to simultaneously change lanes and overtake with up to four cars. The extra-wide tracks are perfect for drifting in curves, and each car’s speed and braking effects can be individually customized.

Carrera 23631 Start Your Engines Track Configuration

Wireless Freedom

Experience unhindered racing joy with two wireless controllers and a double wireless charging station, ensuring uninterrupted and dynamic gameplay.

Expand and Upgrade

With this set, your racing adventure is just beginning. Its compatibility with expansion packs and digital accessories allows for endless track extension and the addition of more cars to your fleet.

A Race for Everyone

Whether a seasoned racer or a newcomer, the Carrera 23631 set offers an exhilarating and accessible racing experience for all ages, bringing the thrill of the race track right into your home.

3 Simple Racing Tips Before You Buy Your First Set  

Slot car racing isn’t as easy as it seems. To get a better handle on it, we’ve listed a few tips to help you below: 

1. Practice 

The first thing you’ll want to do is practice. Practice racing around the track and get to know each turn and how your car adapts to it. 

Practicing will allow you to learn more about your car, and in return, you’ll learn how to drive with it better. After all, practice makes perfect, so take some time to yourself and practice your speed, turning around corners, and staying on the track. 

2. Learn to Slow Down 

Speed isn’t everything; in fact, it can even be a detriment to your race at times. Just like in real life, you’ll need to decrease your speed when you go around corners or take a sharp turn. 

If you increase your speed, the car will fly off the track, making you lose. Slowing down and taking each turn carefully will not only help your driving skills but earn you the win. 

To do so, practice going around corners and, each time, increase your speed a little. After a few practice runs, you’ll learn how to go around corners at a maximum speed without leaving the track. That way, you can race quickly and efficiently. 

3. Add Grips to Tires  

Sometimes when you purchase a slot car, the wheels are sleek and shiny. As visuals go, it will make the car look polished and brand new. 

However, for racing purposes, sleek tires can have a negative effect on the car’s traction and overall handling methods. To add some grip to your tires, file them with rough sandpaper. Rubbing the wheels will make the tires grip more easily, which will help you with your driving methods.  

Race a Slot Car Today 

Slot car racing is an old hobby that’s still alive and attracting many enthusiasts today. To race, just put the car on the grove in its lane, and start steering it with the player controllers. 

photo of a slot car racing track

It sounds easy enough, although there is a lot that goes into racing a slot car. You first have to decide the type of system you want and then the car size that’s right for you. Afterwhich, you’ll likely need to practice your driving method and perhaps even make modifications to ensure your car is fast, durable, and easy to use. 

Look around today to find the right slot car for you. We can help you find the latest news and most up-to-date reviews on remote-control toys. 

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Carrera Digital 1/32 GT: A Game Changer

The Carrera Digital 1/32 GT set is a revelation in slot car racing! Its 1:24 scale track and 1:32 scale cars offer an incredibly immersive experience. The ability to switch lanes and the over 25-feet of track length make every race unique and thrilling. It's perfect for family gatherings and a great introduction for kids into the world of slot racing. Absolutely worth the investment for endless fun!

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Speed and Sophistication of Carrera Evolution

The Carrera Evolution Digital Slot Car Racing Set is a top-notch choice for anyone passionate about slot car racing.

 by Olivia Martinez
AFX22020 Racemasters 24 Hour Champions

I was blown away by the AFX 24 Hour Champions Slot Car set. Its twelve different track layouts and the ability to customize your own track make it stand out. The AFX Mega-G+ chassis cars are smooth and handle turns like a dream.

 by Yasmin Waring
Carrera vs. AFX comparison

I'm a big slot car racing nerd. Have tried several tracks and have more spare tracks laying around than I'd like to admin. While Carrera gets all the love online and you see them everywhere, AFX is my pick for avid racers. The customizations and cars are so unique. I say a 42 car set online the other day that someone had collected over their entire life. Pretty amazing!

By Mike Tippitz

Mike is the Founder and CEO of The Toyz. He has a passion for anything with a remote and a control including cars, trucks, drones, planes, boats and more. When he's not writing about RC toys, you can find him traveling, exercising, or playing with his 7 year old Labrador Retriever named Zip.