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12 Best Affordable RC Boats for Beginners

Ready to start RC boating as a hobby? Here’s 12 awesome boats our experts recommend for beginners.

ProBoat RC boat flying through the water on a lake

We cover a lot of remove control toys on our website. And without a doubt, one of our favorites is the radio-controlled or remote control boat. Did you know that 127 million Americans live in coastal counties? In some of these counties, a popular adult hobby is playing with remote control boats.

When you buy a remote control boat, it’s not enough that you live in a coastal area. You must first check the location where you’ll be taking your boat. Certain fast RC boats work best for oceans, while others operate on large lakes or rivers well.

When buying your first remote control boat, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your needs:

  1. Purpose: Determine the purpose of the boat, whether it is for recreational use, racing, or any other specific activity. This will help you choose the right type of boat with the right features.
  2. Budget: RC boats come in a wide range of prices, so it’s important to determine your budget and look for boats within your price range.
  3. Size: Consider the size of the boat, as well as the size of the water body you plan to use it in. Smaller boats are more maneuverable, but larger boats are more stable.
  4. Control range: Consider the maximum range of the remote control, as well as any obstacles that may interfere with the signal.
  5. Power source: RC boats are powered either by batteries or gasoline. Consider the power source that best fits your needs, taking into account factors such as running time and refueling.
  6. Durability: Look for a boat that is made from high-quality materials and is built to last.
  7. Ease of use: Choose a boat that is easy to operate and comes with clear instructions.
  8. Brand reputation: Consider the brand reputation of the manufacturer and look for boats from reputable and established brands.

Like RC cars, the type of fuel your boat runs on can also vary. Beginners will often do great with the powerful engines of electric boats. If you’re more advanced, you may start trying out other fuel types, like nitro and gas.

Next, consider the hull type of your remote control boat. There are three most common hulls for RC boats. These are the:

  • Flat-bottom
  • Hydroplane
  • Monohull

If you have an RC unit that is an airboat or hovercraft, you’ll want a flat-bottom hull. Hydroplanes are great for RC boats used for competitions or races. Finally, the most common hull is the monohull.

Like real boats, you must be extra careful with how you handle your boat. Learn to read the waters, repair your boat, and if the boat can survive large movements. Otherwise, you risk capsizing your remote control boat in the middle of the water. Be careful about running your boat on saltwater. Since saltwater is corrosive, most RC boats don’t do well in them.

Brands like Altair, Traxxas, and Pro Boat are the top brands in the RC boat industry. Here are the top 22 boats we tested for beginners.

1. Altair Midsize Wave Boat in Yellow and Black

Price Range: $60 to $80

Enjoy hours of aquatic family fun with the Altair Midsize Wave RC Boat. This little craft is uniquely great for racing adventures on lakes, ponds, pools, rivers or even in the ocean. Completely child-safe in its propeller design and fully self-righting, this Altair RC boat also comes with a tough mid-sized body that’s easy to handle and perfect for kids 14 or older. Don’t let the Altair Midsize Wave RC Boat pass you by with the hours of fun it’s ready to offer.

Fun and Versatile

The Altair Wave boat is superbly designed to maximize fun on the water. Kids 14 and older can use the boat problem-free while it offers plenty of range and endurance for lakes, rivers, ponds and nearby seas. This boat moves fast too, with a top speed of 24km per hour and a unique self-righting design lets it get upright quickly even if choppy water capsizes the little craft.

Want to make time with this Wave RC Boat even more interesting? Mount a miniature camera to its body for some interesting shots of local aquatic wildlife and hidden corners of nearby rivers. This remote-controlled boat is versatile enough for this and so much more.

Tough and Accident-Resistant

The Altair Aerial company knows about building toys that endure rugged treatment. The AA Wave RC boat is no exception. It’s built to handle choppy water, bangs and scrapes, and its self-righting design ensures that you won’t lose this tough toy easily out on the waves.

The Wave RC Boat’s unique water safe propeller system also keeps kids safe from accidents of their own. By activating propeller spin only if the boat is in the water, little hands and fingers stay safe from fast-moving parts.

When the weather gets nice enough for time by the waves, the Altair Midsize Wave RC Boat is the perfect accessory for family vacation games on the water.

2. Cheerwing Brushless RC Racing Boat in Red

Cheerwing adult rc racing boat in red and white with racing stripes

Price Range: $150 to $200

The Cheerwing Brushless RC Boat is the perfect choice for boating fun. This boat is quick, you will be amazed watching it skim across the water. While it easily reaches 40 km/h, you can get comfortable with the controls and maneuver at lower speeds. It’s one of the best boats you can buy under $200 for any adult getting going as a boating hobbyist.

Brushless Motor For Long Life

The brushless motor on the Cheerwing extends the life of the boat. Because it generates power through the use of magnets, there is no friction and lower heat, even at high speeds. An added step to keep the engine cool and running at its best, this boat has an automatic water cooling system. The brushless motor and included cooling system provide optimal performance and trouble-free use.

The quality motor isn’t the only thing that keeps the Cheerwing Wave going. The boat is well-made, designed for the open water, and includes everything you need to get started.

Remote Control Safeguards

What good is all the power of the Cheerwing if you can’t harness it? The remote controller that comes with your boat offers several safeguards to keep you in control. An out-of-range alarm ensures you don’t get a little careless dashing across the waves and let the boat get too far away.

Also included is an alarm that warns when the battery is getting low. This lets you know it is time to call it a day and bring your boat back into port. Concerned about your skills? The Cheerwing has you covered. Whether you are just learning the ropes or anxious to take on some choppy conditions, the Cheerwing has a self-righting hull design to upright your boat if you capsize on the open water.

Great for Beginners

Whether you have experience with RC boats or this will be your first, you can’t go wrong with the Cheerwing Wave. The speed, maneuverability, responsiveness, and ease of use make it the perfect choice for the beginner and experienced hobbyist alike.

3. Altair Aerial AA102 Speed Racing Boat in Red

Price Range: $70 to $100

No matter the age, users are sure to love the Altair High Speed boat. Reaching speeds up to 40 km/h, this boat is designed for serious play. The smooth brushless motor keeps the boat going strong through long afternoons of play.

The sturdy Altair is designed for open water, moving easily over rivers and lakes, but it handles well enough to use in a pool. No need to worry about your boat becoming stranded, the anti-capsize hull (similar to full-size boats) makes flipping the boat upright from shore a breeze.

Friendly Hull Design

Worried about letting this powerful boat get away? With both an out-of-range and low battery alarm, that’s not likely to happen. Sound exciting? You’ll be glad to know this boat comes ready to use straight from the box. With an included 11.1 V, 1500 mAH Li-Pro Battery, you are sure to spend many days enjoying your time behind the controller.

Whether you are interested in racing your RC boat or watching it split the waves, this is a great choice. Easy to use, even the novice will feel confident manning the controls. Whether you are looking for something to do with your time or something the whole family will enjoy, the Altair is the perfect fit.

Never used an RC boat before? As long as you have access to water, you don’t need anything else. The Altair’s intuitive controller and self-righting capabilities will make you feel like a master in no time flat.

Unliked with real boats, RC boats can be an investment. You can buy with confidence knowing that Altair takes their commitment to their customers seriously. They create their products with you, the customer, in mind. Buy with confidence, knowing that your Altair High Speed RC Boat will provide entertainment for years to come.

RC cars are fun, but taking your RC adventures to the water can be even more exciting. The Altair Ultra Fast Racing RC Boat is complete with a powerful brushed motor, long-lasting batteries and an anti-capsize hull system for easy operation.

Built for Speed

Get some of the best speed you can find in an RC boat with the Altair Ultra Fast Racing RC Boat, thanks to a powerful 390-size brushed motor. This boat is designed to reach speeds of up to 30 km/h, which means it’s perfect for taking out on lakes, rivers, pools and more. Despite reaching these high speeds, this RC boat also makes it easy to execute sharp turns, especially since you don’t have to worry about flipping your boat over in the water.

Longer Ride Time

One of the hardest parts about RC toys is the fact that they don’t always last very long. What’s worse is that manufacturers often provide a single battery, with the option to purchase extra batteries for some insane price.

With the Altair Ultra Fast Racing RC Boat, you get two 7.4V 1500mAh batteries so you have an extra when your first one dies. These batteries are designed to last up to 10 minutes per charge, which means 20 total minutes of ride time. Of course, you can always pick up extra RC boat batteries for even longer rides.

Easy for Novice Operators

Not only is the Altair Ultra Fast Racing RC Boat sleek and speedy, but it’s also easy to use. A simple remote with a range of over 100 meters controls the boat, which is easily visible in the water thanks to its bright color.

If your boat happens to flip over, the anti-capsize hull means you can flip it back upright with the push of a button. If you’re looking for an RC boat the whole family can enjoy, you’ll have a hard time beating the Altair Ultra Fast Racing RC Boat.

4.Cheerwing High Speed Green RC Racing Boat

Price Range: $80 to $100

Rule the waves with the Cheerwing high-speed RC boat. This high-speed remote-controlled vessel achieves a maximum speed of 30 mph so it’s the perfect boat for freshwater racing in your backyard pool or a local lake. Its sleek lines and streamlined design make it a standout among RC vessels, and its motion and wake mimic larger vessels for a true-to-life racing experience.

Plus, with waterproof dual-locking covers, this lightweight racer is designed to stand up to intense play, keeping the water away from sensitive components to ensure hours of outdoor enjoyment for kids or adults.

Peak Boating Performance

Cheerwing’s RC watercraft features a 2.4Ghz marine radio-control system that lets you synchronize multiple boats for more complex racing scenarios or demonstrations. Pairing is simple and takes only minutes, so you’re ready to hit the water quickly, and the trigger-style controller features a comfortable hand grip and fingertip controls that promote fatigue-free extended play.

Brushless Water-cooled Motor

This versatile racing ship includes options for forward and reverse operation so you can easily maneuver your vessel around obstacles and out of tight spots. The boat runs off of a brushless, water-cooled motor, which delivers powerful, lasting performance and reduces the need for replacement parts.

When it comes time for maintenance, the ship’s outer and inner covers provide no-hassle twist-off access to interior components, permitting quick battery replacement and simple repairs.

Easy Capsize Recovery

You never have to worry about your boat sinking thanks to the Cheerwing’s self-righting hull, which lets your craft recover quickly from capsizing during rough play. The Cheerwing high-speed RC boat also features a poor signal alarm, letting you know when your boat reaches the limit of its range so you can recall it before it’s too late. A low battery alert provides additional protection from loss, giving you ample time to turn your vessel around before the motor cuts out to minimize retrieval efforts.

5. Gizmovine High Speed Remote Control Boat

Price Range: $20 to $50

Feel like a captain when you steer the Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat. Whether you are a kid or an adult RC boating fan, this powerful boat is an investment for hours and hours of amusement. Incorporating some exceptional high-tech features, it is an excellent addition to your collection of remote-controlled boats.

Ideal for Pools, Lakes, and Rivers

Bring home this Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat and confidently challenge your friends and family to a boat racing game. Easily controlled by kids aged 14 and up, it is a perfect choice for indoor or outdoor freshwater boating fun.

Water Resistant Hull Design

The Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat is built to endure the challenges of rough waves, with its double hatched body that keeps the water out and prevents sinking. The high-quality build of this RC boat is not only resilient but recyclable as well and checks all the international health and safety guidelines. This boat is engineered with an anti-collision hull that diminishes any collision impact.

Powerful Auto-Cooling Engine

Getting this super-fast boat cruising on the water is effortless with its powerful engine. Reaching up to the speed of 20+ mph, the boat motor comes with a water circulation cooling mechanism to keep it cool and running efficiently. The fun never ends with the Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat, thanks to its high-capacity rechargeable battery and a self-righting hull for flip recovery.

Take full advantage of the RC speed boat with its water-sensing device. The engine of this boat only turns on when the propeller is immersed in water, saving the battery and wasted energy.

150 Meter Transmitter Range

Reward yourself or your kid with the Gizmovine High-Speed RC Boat and race several RC boats simultaneously with its 2.4 GHz remote having an LCD and a whopping 150 meters signal range. It comes with a low battery alarm that goes off to keep you from a drained battery.

This boat sets itself apart from other 20 mph racing boats with its set of reptile disguises so you appear to have 3 different boats:

  • Sleek racing boat with the “Bravist” decal on hood
  • Ferocious water prowling crocodile head
  • Dangerous lurking reptile boat featuring an ominous snake head.

This adrenaline gathering trio is made possible by a snap on cover
for the latter two versions and is intended to surprise some adventuring regular race boat captains when they see it.

For all of its theatrics, this medium sized watercraft (10”x8.98”x4.29”) hits racing speeds using 2 Lithium ion batteries for 29 minutes at a time. Recharging takes a comparatively short time, ready to go again in one hour.

Water Sensing Technology

The Gizmovine three in one boat has a built in water sensing device so your boat will deploy its propeller only after it hits the water for safety. The balanced double propeller makes this boat operate with stability and keeps young captains sure of themselves as they try new maneuvers.

The charging port has a waterproof rubber plug and the bottom of the boat is also sealed and completely watertight. The manufacturer of this unique watercraft offers a 24/7 Customer Support by phone for all of its products.

6. Force1 Velocity H102 RC Fast 20MPH Racing Boat

Price Range: $30 to $60

Make the playtimes more exhilarating with this expeditious Force1 Velocity RC Boat. Designed with outstanding features of capsize recovery, high-speed motor, low signal alarm, and emergency stop, it maximizes the fun of freshwater speed boating with friends on lakes, ponds, and pools.

Easy Navigation with Remote LCD

This Force1 Velocity RC Boat comes with an ultra-modern 2.4 GHz radio-controlled 4-channel remote that bears an LCD for navigation data. Having 120 meters range, use this advanced remote to get info about the boat power, transmitter signals, trim adjustment, and left-right throttle switch mode.

Robust and Ultra-Fast Engine

Relish the thrill of super speedy boating with Force1 Velocity RC Boat. Start the powerful motor of this RC boat and have it sailing at 20+ mph in no time. You don’t have to worry about the heated engine as the high-speed motor uses the water to cool down as it goes. Equipped with a high-capacity battery and watertight double hatched body, this RC boat is a must-have for any RC boat racing hobbyist.

Effortless Flip Recovery

Flip your capsized boat with the push of a button. Thanks to the ‘Capsize Recovery Mode’ button on the remote of this Force1 Velocity RC Boat, you can upright your overturned boat instantaneously and continue having fun.

The low signal warning alarm in the remote control of Velocity RC Boat lets you keep your boat within maximum range so that you can enjoy it without worrying about sailing too far.

Fantastic electric RC boat for both adults and kids! This speedy RC boat will turn itself upright if it flips over, a powerful water-cooled engine that allows for more power and a high capacity battery for long runs on the water at speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

Includes everything you need to get out on the water and speed across the waves: battery, charger, extra propeller, stand and transmitter. For use in freshwater lakes, ponds and pools only.

Safe Emergency Stop

Facing an obstacle? Keep your boating operations safe, and stop the Force1 Velocity RC Boat any time using the Emergency Stop switch to overcome or avoid any hindrance along the sailing route.

Conquer the waves without steering off course. The auto-correcting rudder in the Force1 Velocity RC Boat imparts a yaw self-correction capability allowing it to travel in the right direction.

7. YEZI Udi001 Venom Remote Control Boat

Price Range: $40 to $60

Set sail on an adventurous and entertainment-filled session with YEZI Vector Racing RC Boat. With its flip recovery feature, rechargeable twin batteries, and radio-controlled remote, this easy-to-learn remote-controlled boat promises ultimate playtime for kids and adults alike.

Top Speed of 20+ MPH

With an immense speeding potential of 20+ mph that can cover distances of up to 120 meters, this speed boat is ideal for outdoor lakes, ponds, and rivers, and even indoor bathtubs and pools. Controlling this boat is easy with its 4-channels remote having forward, backward, right, and left features. Any young or adult RC boating enthusiast can effortlessly learn to control this boat.

180 Degrees Self-righting Flip

Don’t let overturned boats ruin the fun. Capable of performing a 180 flip action, its self-righting feature rescues this boat from capsizing and lets you enjoy without any fear of losing your possession in the water.

The YEZI Venom uses a large single propeller motor to push it past many comparably lighter boats when racing. And just in case it flips or capsizes, the captain has only to invoke the “flip; recovery function” and the boat is back on top and ready to go back to its 20mph racing speeds undisturbed.

Sleek Waterproof Hull

This YEZI boat flaunts a sturdy and sleek look owing to its smooth double-hatch design and a streamlined, waterproof hull. With its high-quality and solid built, this innovative product is designed to offer amusement-filled playtime.

Leave your friends awe-struck with your speedy YEZI RC boat, which features a powerful, sensitive, and water-cooled motor that can win races. Built-in is a water-detecting safety feature that only allows the motor to function once the boat is in water. This high-speed boat comes with a significant-sized propeller and a navigation-correcting rudder to make RC boating a child’s play.

Low-Battery Alarm

Enjoy boating sessions that last for hours on end with this Yezi RC speed boat having durable twin batteries that can be recharged to continue the fun. Count on the convenient low-battery signaling feature in the remote control to let you know that it’s time to plug your boat in for a recharge.

The dark blue YEZI Venom measures 13.07”x19.47”x3.82”, weighs a little under 2 lbs., and sports a waterproof double hatch design; all features that make it easy for this classy watercraft to slide quietly through the water at high speeds.

Dual Rechargeable Batteries

The Yezi Venom runs on two rechargeable batteries which are included and take about 2 hours to recharge. The YEZI Venom is a great toy for kids and adults alike and can be used indoors or out as long as it is being operated on fresh water surfaces.

Signal Up to 120 Meters

The YEZI Venom uses a 4 channel 2.4 GHz transmitter to carry signals out to around 120 meters. This speed boat is really as easy to control for younger or inexperienced children, and although it is recommended for ages 14 and up also repeatedly reminds the buyer that it will please all ages with its simple operation and easy to hold controller.

8. XFUNY HJ806 RC Boat With 200M Distance

Photo of an JH806 rc boat

Price Range: $80 to $120

The XFUNY RC Boat is designed as a sturdy, extra long bodied, A-line, double hull waterproof speed boat. It has the added assurance that the fluid dynamics, rugged materials, and complete sealing will always keep water completely out and that even with its comparatively huge size and weight, this unique boat will always turn heads with its sheer speed.

Easy for Beginners to Learn

At a relatively extra large size against other RC speed boats, the XFUNY measures 18.7’X8.8”X7.6” and weighs in at a hefty 3.9 lbs.
Even so, in just a few seconds it can get up to its top speed, 35km/hour. And then there’s simply the visual drama of watching a boat almost 2 times as large as most speed boats moving its black body sleekly through the water at such speeds…a thrill for boat captains and spectators alike!

Age 12 and Up and Speed

The XFUNY is recommended for ages 12 and up and will please even the most experienced operator. How can it get such speed up with the extra long body and much higher weight? The answer lies in its power package including its 540 brush, water cooled, extra strength magnetic motor and a rugged 2.2 times the stronger than average propeller.

Streamlined Hull Design

These two together overcome resistance of size and weight with sheer power and streamlined design to get outstanding performance of speed and maneuverability. To make all this happen, the XFUNY uses not 2, but 3, 1,500 mAh 7.4V batteries which are included to achieves up to 10 minutes of high speed water activity. Because it takes 150 minutes to fully recharge the batteries, it may be optimal to purchase additional batteries for longer playing time.

Extreme Sailing Functions

The XFUNY boat has a multifunction reverse sailing feature that allows the boat to return to its launch site by retracing its original pathway with one touch so your boat can always easily be recovered. And not only that, the XFUNY is equipped with another safety feature that sounds off when there is any power supply problem looming. A “beep” alarm will go off to let the operator know its time to use the simple one button return function that brings your boat home immediately.

200+ Meter Signal Distance

The XFUNY is controlled by a 2.4GHz transmitter that can reach up to a very respectable 200 meters. The XFUNY has one more great advantage added by the confidence of its manufacturers….if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will offer you a 180 day full refund or a replacement if that is your desire.

All in all, this beautiful boat makes a huge impact everywhere it goes because of its looks, extra large size, and phenomenal speed.
With the warranty, easy controls, safety features to protect your investment, along with that spectacular visual capacity, you have one here that delivers the memorable fun and competitive wins so your speed boat bunch becomes accustomed to being very happy.

9. AlphaRev R208 20+ MPH Fast RC Boat

Price Range: $30 to $50

The Alpha-Rev R208 clocks speeds up to 20 mph across freshwater pools and lakes, pleasing kids and adults alike with its high speed along with its uniquely identifying “Shuttle” label. The manufacturer suggests this fast moving transportation boat is easy to learn to operate and recommended for young captains age 8 and up (meaning it is designed to be enjoyed by beginners of all ages).

Outstanding Safety Features

The Alpha-Rev uses a 4 channel/2.4 GHz transmitter that reaches out to direct the sturdy shuttle up to 400ft away. The Alpha-Rev is equipped with several outstanding safety features including a reminder when battery power is dropping low, a water sensor that keeps the boat’s powerful single propeller motor from turning on until it contacts the water, and finally, the Non-Capsize Hull System that can quickly flip the boat upright if necessary. These are all good qualities when transporting passengers across a lake.

Fun for All Age Groups

The Alpha-Rev is easy to pick out even in large groups of watercraft because of its eye catching LED lights that make night runs especially fun. Another fun and unique feature of the Alpha-Rev RC Boat is its autopilot mode that automatically sets the boat into a repetitive figure 8 pattern. And not only that, in a world of freshwater only speed boats, the Alpha-Rev can actually thrive in a salt water environment. What makes this possible is that the outer metal parts of the ship are made with stainless steel, so there is no worry about salt or ocean water corrosion.

Covered by Full Warranty

And last, but certainly very important and indicative of the quality you can expect from their products, the manufacturer of the Alpha-Rev has covered this watercraft by offering buyers a full refund if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase.
In addition, any problems or questions can be addressed by calling their 24/7 customer service line.

10. DEERC H120 RC Speed Boat in Racing Red

Price Range: $40 to $60

The DEERC H120 speed boat races up to 20 mph across lakes and pools to the thrill of kids and adults alike. Churning forward with a powerful, large-prop motor that is backed by 2 7.4V 60-mAh batteries, this classy watercraft can race across even a little wavy water for up to 15 minutes.

The DEERC H120 has a 4 channel2.4GHz transmitter that can be controlled up to 150 meters. The carefully planned design of this super streamlined boat makes it a hit because of two features: 1) its Capsize Recovery Function which makes it easy to recover from a flip and 2)the skipper is always informed of any marginal battery power issues in time to get the boat returned before it could lose capacity and stop since it is equipped with a low battery alarm.

Capsize Recovery Function

The amazing technology that allows the Capsize Recovery Function to work has partly to do with the boat’s design. It has a double sealed hatch and when it capsizes or flips, you upright the vessel with an”upward” and then “backward” move and you are back to racing again. The tough double hatch also helps the boat float in moving water and waves.

Water Sensor Functions

The DEERC H120also has a built in water sensor function that puts your boat into race mode when it is just put into the water so it is safe around young children.. Because of its individual transmitter signature, you can race a variety or similar boats side by side with no transmitter signaling directions getting confused.

Kids and adults can enjoy this RC speed boat for many hours in freshwater lakes and pools. As a reminder the manufacturer has cautioned that these boats are not made for salt or ocean water.

11. VOLANTEXRC Brushless Atomic RC Boat 45+ MPH

VOLANTEXRC Brushless Remote Control Boat

Price Range: $240 to $260

That the VOLANTEXRC Boat looks like a streamlined boat version of the bat mobile, is the first thing kids love about it. Its sleek black double pontoon boat type body is operated by 2 Lithium polymer batteries and allows up to 20 minutes of racing time.

Water Safety Sensors

And not only that, the VOLANTEXRC knows the instant it hits the water and refuses to take off before contact is made so it is safer and easier to handle for little beginners. This favorite RC boat receives signals to go forward, backward, left, and right from a 2.4 GHz controller that also can differentiate between the Volante XRC and others around it, so you don’t have to worry about confusing signals.

20 Minute Maximum Runtime

The VOLANTEXRC comes fully assembled and can stay on the water for 20 minutes at a time before recharging. Recommended for all ages 14 and up, the throttle triggers and steering wheel are super easy to learn how to operate and control so all your kids can have a great time in the pool or at the lake.

Safe for Beginners

And not only that, the boat knows the instant it hits the water and refuses to take off before contact is made so it is safer and easier to handle for little beginners. This favorite RC boat receives signals to go forward, backward, left, and right from a 2.4 GHz controller that also can differentiate between the VOLANTEXRC and others around it, so you don’t have to worry about confusing signals.

Comes Fully Assembled

The VOLANTEXRC comes fully assembled and can stay on the water for 20 minutes at a time before recharging. Recommended for all ages 14 and up, the throttle triggers and steering wheel are super easy to learn how to operate and control so all your kids can have a great time in the pool or at the lake.

12. The Force1 Wave Speeder RC Boat

Price Range: $20 to $40

Admittedly, the Force I Wave Speeder is smaller (8.5”x 3.5”x3.5”) and also lighter weight (16 oz.) than most other RC speed boats, but that spells super fast and maneuverable for 20 minutes of competitive racing out of this real Wave Runner replica.

Powerful Dual Motors

The Force I Wave Speeder uses a single Lithium Polymer battery running behind powerful dual motors to cut easily through the water, thrilling kids and adults alike. The Force 1 Wave Speeder gets its signal from a 4 channel2.4 GHz transmitter that signals up to 160 meters away while keeping its boat signature set apart from other boats nearby so play goes on without confusion at parties and races.

Durable Watertight Body

This durable, watertight bodied boat is designed with a water sensing safety feature that only powers the propeller when it hits the water so little hands are safe learning how to operate it. The Force I Wave Runner is made to be used in freshwater lakes and pools but not for salt or ocean water.

You can usually count on quality when there is a warranty and in this case the company that manufactures this watercraft backs the Force I Wave Speeder with a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Benefits of Boating

Still not convinced? You don’t have to start with a fast racing boat if you are interested in getting going. Here are some reason to consider buying your first RC boat and heading to the open water. Remote control boating has several benefits, including:

  1. Convenience: even beginner boats can be operated from a distance, allowing you to control the boat without having to physically be on board. This makes it easier and more convenient to control the boat.
  2. Safety: Remote control boats reduce the risk of accidents as you can control the boat from a safe distance, away from the water.
  3. Versatility: RC boats can be used for a variety of purposes, such as recreational boating, racing, or even search and rescue operations.
  4. Improved maneuverability: Beginner boats are highly maneuverable and can be controlled with precision, making it easier to navigate in tight spaces or around obstacles.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to traditional boats, remote control boats are often more affordable and require less maintenance.
  6. Fun: boating can be a fun and exciting hobby for people of all ages. It offers a unique and challenging experience for hobbyists and allows them to explore their creative and technical skills.

Final Thoughts on RC Boats

A remote control boat is a great investment for those looking for a fun and exciting hobby. It offers a unique and challenging experience for hobbyists and allows them to explore their creative and technical skills. But similar to your first RC plane, there are some things you need to know and research first.

When buying your first remote control boat, it’s important to consider the purpose of the boat, your budget, size, control range, power source, durability, ease of use, and brand reputation. By taking these factors into account, you can choose the right remote control boat for your needs and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re using it for recreational boating, racing, or any other specific activity, a remote control boat offers a fun and convenient way to enjoy the water.

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I highly recommend the Cheerwing line of boats if you are a first time boater. You can get a great model like the Venom for under $200 that looks great and is very durable on the open water!

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