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25 Affordable RC Cars to Buy for Kids of All Ages

We reviewed hundreds of kids RC cars to bring you the ones perfect for all ages from toddlers to teenagers!

Did you know that remote-controlled cars ranked on Walmart’s 2022 Top Rated by Kids Toy List? Are you looking for the perfect gift for your tiny car enthusiast this year? There is nothing more classic than a remote control toy as a gift for your child. 

However, with so many RC cars on the market, it can be challenging to decide which car to buy for a kid. If you don’t have the budget for a larger and more expensive electric ride on car, a smaller RC car is the perfect idea.

If you’re trying to decide whether a remote control car for kids is the right gift for your child, keep reading to learn more about how to choose the best RC cars for kids. 

Why Buy Remote Control Cars for Children? 

Why should you buy a remote control car for your child? Check out these benefits of taking a remote control car for a spin. 

Outside Play Time

Is your child glued to a screen and a game controller? A remote control car will help encourage exploration outside. Remote control cars are fun, and kids love them. However, are they really worth the investment? 

They may still have a controller in hand, but they are outside and moving instead of being lounged out on the couch. 

Improve Motor Skills and Dexterity

Taking a remote control car outside for a spin requires maneuvering the vehicle with the control. This is a fun way for children to improve their motor skills and dexterity

Young boy playing with rc car outside at the beach

They must maneuver the car around obstacles and have the ability to operate the controller. 

Improve Creativity and Imagination

When you see kids outside playing with remote control cars, it is rare they are just driving them. 

They are making up stories and dashing to and fro. Playing with remote control cars offers a fun aspect of being able to act out different scenarios with friends. 

Maintain Distance

Are you trying to continue to keep your kids socially distanced? RC cars allow for that. 

Your kids can play with their friends without being right next to each other by racing cars and exploring together with their remote-controlled cars. 

Learn How Things Work

While there are many remote control cars that you can buy ready to go, you can also buy an RC car kit. Not only will this give you and your child a project to work on together, but it will teach them how to build their car and how things work. 

This is a great science project for your kids to do at home. 

Comparing Remote Control Cars for Kids

When it is time to compare remote control cars, there are various things you should consider in the process. Getting the right RC car for your child in part comes down to knowing what you want or need. 

Be sure to do your research, read articles like this, and watch plenty of videos online. Here are the various factors you should look at when making your choice. 

Age of Your Child

How old is your child? There are cars that are specifically made for children of various ages. You want to make a choice that is age-appropriate for your child when choosing their new RC car. 


Is there a warranty offered with the RC car you are looking at? If your child is rough with their belongings, you want to look for a warranty that will cover it. 

Price Point

How much are you willing to spend on your child’s RC car? There are varying levels of costs when looking at different RC cars. 

If you want to buy an RC car for your child but want to ensure they will take care of it before truly investing in a more expensive one, you may want to consider an RC car with a lower price point. 

Battery Powered or Rechargeable

Do you want to constantly be buying AA batteries? If not, you may want to look for remote-controlled cars that are rechargeable. 

battery powered rc car for kids

The upside of a battery-powered RC car is that you simply swap out the batteries, and you’re ready to go again without waiting for it to charge. However, that can also get expensive quickly.


Is your child a speed demon? Or do they enjoy exploring various terrains? Or maybe they want a stunt RC truck to impress their friends with stunts?

There are even cars that come equipped with cameras or will climb walls

Knowing the main uses of the RC car you are planning to buy is important. RC cars are built differently, and some may not be built to withstand tough terrains. 


Remote control car reviews are a great place to find information on remote control cars you are considering purchasing. You can see what issues other individuals have encountered and how the company responded to those issues. 

You should be sure to read reviews before clicking that buy button. 

5 Remote Control Cars for Toddlers Under 3

Are you looking for a remote control car for your tiny tot? For little ones with older siblings with remote control cars, this is a great choice. 

It will help prevent arguing and give your little one an opportunity to play with their older sibling. There are a lot of great choices for toddlers available. 

1. My First Cartoon RC Race Car

My first cartoon RC racing car

This remote control car is made by Liberty Imports. It is an excellent choice for a child 18 months or older. 

This remote control car will make honking noises and play music, and the headlights will flash. There is a button on the car that needs to get pressed to activate these features. 

It also has removable figures. This allows your child to switch out who is in the driver’s seat. It is easy to control and comes with a two-channel remote control. 

The controls allow your child to speed left, right, forward, and reverse. The car requires three AA batteries, and the remote requires two AA batteries. 

2. Disney Minnie Mouse Remote Control Roadster

The Disney Minnie Mouse Remote Control Roadster is a flashy pink polka-dotted RC car. For your kiddos who love Disney characters, this is a great choice.  

This car is a good one for children over the age of three. It does have some smaller parts that could be choking hazards for children under three. 

It has a remote that is easy to operate and drive, and there is also a spin feature. This car requires three AA and two AAA batteries. 

3. Little Tikes Remote Control Bumper Cars

These cars come in a set of two and allow your toddler to be reckless as they race to bump into the other car. These remote control cars are intended for children over the age of three. 

When your child bumps into the wheels of the other car, the figurine in the driver’s seat will be launched from their seat. There are two bumper cars, two play figures, and two remotes preparing your toddler for the ultimate head-to-head competition. 

These cars do come with a 90-day limited warranty. You will need ten AAA batteries to go zooming with these cars. 

4. Pixie Cruiser

This is a great choice when it comes to fast remote control cars for toddlers. This vehicle can go up to five mph and has a straight run time of 45 minutes.

This is another remote control car that is recommended for tiny tots over the age of three. The Pixie Cruiser requires six AA batteries for the car and one 9V battery for the remote. 

If your child wants to take their car beyond the flat pavement, this is a great choice. While it is not designed to be operated on grass or surfaces with a similar texture to grass, this remote control car is built for all-terrain action. It has tough rubber grip tires and spring-loaded suspension. 

The controls for this car are intuitive and offer multi-directional operation. This is a great car for little ones who are ready for a more advanced RC car. 

5. John Deere Remote Control Johnny Tractor

John Deere remote control tractor

Is your little one obsessed with tractors and farms? The John Deere Remote Control Johnny Tractor is a great choice for a child between 18 and 36 months old. 

The remote control on this car is easy for your little one to use with only two buttons. Mom and dad, are you worried about the batteries constantly running down? This tractor has an option for auto-shutoff to conserve battery life. 

If you’re worried about your child marking up your walls by crashing this car into them, rest at ease. The Johnny Tractor is durable enough that bumping into walls won’t hurt it but soft enough that it also won’t hurt your walls. 

The Johnny Tractor requires three AA batteries and one 9V battery.

Remote Control Cars for Kids Ages 3 and Up

As your child gets older, they will need a remote control car or RC truck that can keep up with them. The cars recommended for older children vary from what we saw available for your tiny ones. 

6. Sharkool RC Stunt Car

Does your child tend to be more destructive? This is a great RC car for children eight and up who like to play rough. 

This car comes with two powerful motors, making it faster than many RC cars. The remote also allows for long-distance control. This car is resilient; it can flip, go on stairs, perform stunts, and drive on both sides. 

With this car, your child will be able to take it through many terrains, including grass, mud, pavement, sand, and more. The bump texture tires help to enhance friction and grip. 

The stunt car is rechargeable. It comes with two lithium-ion batteries and a USB charging cable. SHARKOOL offers free lifetime technical support for this RC car. 

7. BEZGAR Monster Vehicle Truck

This RC vehicle is excellent for children eight and over. While children under six can use it, parents should monitor them. With this RC vehicle, you may be tempted to grab your own. 

This truck can go up to 15 mph. If your child wants to race their car, this could be a great choice.  This car’s remote control operates with up to around 50 meters of distance which is approximately 164 feet. 

The BEZGAR Monster Vehicle Truck has a rechargeable battery. The tires on this monster truck are built for all terrains. They are 7cm in diameter and made with rubber material and a designed tire tread. 

Because of how the tires are made, they have wear resistance, better elasticity, grip, chemical stability, and heat resistance. 

This Monster Truck also comes with features that make it more durable. It has a front and rear bumper that helps prevent damage from collision and helps to protect the car components from bumping. 

8. Jeypod Remote Control Car

Jeypod speed storm RC car for kids

This RC car is excellent for children eight years and up. With this RC car, you are going to get a high-speed racing vehicle. However, it also has the ability to navigate multiple terrains, including grasslands, small roads, tracks, and sandy land.

This car is responsive and has a long-distance remote control that can reach 50 to 80 meters. Worried about a child who likes to play hard? Read on.

This car is water-resistant, shockproof, and crash-proof. It also has high-quality tires. Your Jeypod RC car will also come with two rechargeable batteries. 

This is another RC car with excellent reviews. This car is rated five out of five stars by 69 percent of customers. If you purchase this car through Amazon, you can add on a protection plan. 

9. QUN FENG RC Car 1:18 Lamborghini Aventador 

Does your child love sports cars? This Lamborghini racing car is great for kids eight years old and up. The QUN FENG RC Car comes in green and orange. 

If you want a car that your child can use indoors and outdoors, consider the Lamborghini. This car will move in all directions. It also has a front and rear lamplight. 

The car will need a smooth surface such as pavement or wood. This is not a car you take to the beach or send flying across the living room carpet. 

The controller for this car has a range of 30 to 40 meters. Seventy-two percent of customers rate this car at five out of five stars. 

10. Fisca RC Car Remote Control Stunt Car

The Fisca RC Car has a manufacturer-recommended age of eight to 18 years old. This stunt car is another excellent choice if you are looking for a stunt car. 

This car can move forward, back, turn right, turn left, do a 360-degree stunt flip rotation spinning, and overcome obstacles. It is built to last with a durable car body. The tires are rubber to help it tackle various terrains.

This car also has high speed with flexible wheels, so it can turn quickly. It comes with a USB charger. The playtime on this battery is shorter, lasting ten to fifteen minutes, and with a charging time of two hours. 

You may want to consider a spare battery pack for this car. Sixty-five percent of customers rank this car five out of five stars. 

11. DEERC RC Cars DE36W Remote Control Car

This car is great for kids eight and older. This car comes equipped with a 720P HD FPV Camera. This allows you and your children to explore the world with the camera.

The camera allows you to see images in real-time up to 100 feet with no delay. You can also change the angle and take high-quality photos and videos while driving.  

This car also comes with four big tires that are anti-slip. This helps to reduce impact when driving and makes the car more durable. 

You can see the video you are recording through an app on your phone. When fully charged, these batteries have a continuous run time of 25 to 30 minutes. The car comes with two batteries, meaning that you can play for up to 60 minutes. 

Sixty-three percent of customers rank this car five out of five stars. 

5 Remote Control Cars for Older Kids and Teenagers

Even your biggest kids will still love remote control cars. If you are looking for an RC car for your teens, you definitely want to consider some of the trucks on this list. 

12. Xtreme Drifter

Xtreme RC drifter for kids

If your child is more into race cars than monster trucks, this is a great choice. The Xtreme Drifter is built like a race car. It has a Duraflex frame, chassis LED lights, high-speed drift capability, and a rechargeable battery. 

The Xtreme drifter is made by the same company as the Stunt Truck. There is also a one-year warranty on the Xtreme Drifter. This car is great for kids under 15 and another durable choice for those with kids who play hard. 

The tires and bodyshell of this car are built specifically for a fast and responsive touch. This car can turn on a dime. It also includes an extra battery and cones. 

The reviews on this car are excellent, with 88 percent of customers rating it five out of five stars and the remaining customers ranking it four out of five stars. 

The reviews on both the Xtreme Drifter and Stunt Truck are verified. 

13. Altair 1:10 Scale RC Truck 

The Altair 1:10 Scale is a 4×4 RC Truck that will run continuously for up to 30 minutes. This truck can easily master any terrain. It is water-resistant and has rubber all-terrain wheels with six metal springs that are mounted in the four-wheel independent suspension system. 

This means you can run through muddy puddles, down the beach, over rocks at the park, on dirt race tracks, on pavement, and more. This truck is also built to play rough and can take a beating. 

It has an all-metal sealed bearing and a steel-structured chassis. If you want to send your truck up ramps and catch some air, go for it. This truck is excellent for teens, with the recommended age being fourteen.  

Sixty-four percent of reviews give this truck a five out of five stars review. When purchasing this truck through Amazon, you can purchase an additional protection plan. 

The Altair company has excellent reviews for customer support as well. 

14. SainSmart Jr. Transform Car Robot

If you have a teen who loves transformers, this is the car you want. This car is excellent for teens between 13 and 18 years old. At first look, this car looks like a sleek sports car ready for a night on the town. 

However, this car can transform into a transformer. The car has 360-degree turning flexibility both while in car and robot shape. There are also LED lights, and the robot makes sounds when speeding up and turning. 

The Transformer car will have 20 to 30 minutes of continuous run time. Recharging is fast and only takes one hour. The remote control will control this car anywhere from 30 to 40 meters. 

This RC car gets excellent reviews, with 72 percent of customers rating it five out of five stars. 

15. RC Off-Road Vehicle and Climbing Truck

Do you have an older teen who is an aspiring filmmaker or loves exploring the world? The Off-Road Vehicle Climbing Truck is an excellent choice. 

This car is built with a four-wheel-drive system that allows it to drive over any surface smoothly. This car can go on mud and rocks. 

It also has a camera mounted to the top that can be paired with your phone via a mobile app. The camera has an 80-degree adjustable angle HD lens, and the camera is detachable. 

You can actually control the RC car through the mobile app without the need for a controller and watch your recording in real-time. 

This car will run continuously for around 25 minutes, and the charging time is 120 minutes. 

Top RC Cars Recommended For Kids of All Ages

We like to think we know a thing or two about RC cars. So, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites. There are lots more varieties available, but these options represent just some of the RC cars we love.  

All of these have been chosen to be particularly appealing to kids. We’ve varied the options to ensure there’s something that’s suitable for a wide variety of RC enthusiasts.

16. Redcat Racing Everest Truck

This high-quality racing truck is a hobby-grade RC designed specifically for tackling tough terrains. With its solid chassis, suspension, wheels, and adjustable ride height, the Everest Truck is at home on even the most difficult of terrains.

Waterproof parts mean a little rain or the occasional puddle won’t stop the truck in its tracks. And a high-torque brushed motor offers plenty of power for rock crawling fun. 

This is an ideal RC for slightly more experienced hobbyists or older kids. To see its amazing features in action, you’ll want to head out into the wild and put it to the test.

17. SainSmart Jr. Transform Car Robot

This is one of the most fun and innovative RC vehicles on the market. The SainSmart Jr. Transform Car Robot is exactly what it says on the tin, an RC car capable of transforming into a robot! 

Just flick a button on the control and the car transforms. You can even move it around in robot form! A range of exciting lights and sounds complete the experience. 

This is the ideal RC car for imaginative kids. Imagine all the fun your child could have by pitting their action figure against a car that really transforms! They’re guaranteed to get hours or fun from this top-quality RC. 

18. DEERC 9206E

The DEERC 9206E provides the perfect balance between usability and professional quality. While it’s easy to control and maintain, it comes with a professional standard transmitter and remote controller, offering a high level of control.

It’s a great starter option for those looking to get their hands on a user-friendly hobby-grade RC. With adjustable speed, good handling, and a pair of rechargeable batteries, it’s excellent for slightly older kids without much RC experience.

The DEERC 9206E even comes with a selection of extra parts, allowing you several customization options right from the get-go. That’s another reason why it’s one of the best kids remote control cars on the market.

19. Koeni RC Tank

Sure an RC truck or car is fun. but how about an RC tank? The 2.4G Electric RC Tank fires water beads and is capable of loading up to 50 shots at once. 

That’s not all. The tank can also traverse all terrains, drift sideways, and drive up 45-degree slopes! Just like a real tank, it’s comfortable tackling missions in all kinds of environments. 

If you’ve got a pair of kids keen to get their hands on some quality RC goods, you could even buy them one each! A watery RC war could be just the thing for a hot summer’s day. Just make sure they don’t play with this toy inside the house!

20. Axial Bomber Monster Truck

Axial is a company with a strong reputation for manufacturing durable, high-quality RCs that can stand up to anything. Their Bomber monster trucks continue the trend.

This behemoth of an RC is ideal for those looking for sheer power and grit. Whether you’re looking to traverse muddy fields, rocky mountainsides, sandy beaches, or anything else, the Bomber has got you covered. 

This is a hobby-grade RC with plenty of room for customization. It’s definitely an option for older and more experienced RC fanatics, and the price can climb into the hundreds of dollars depending on your chosen specification. 

21. Air Hogs Zero Gravity Wall-Climbing RC Car

If you’re looking for a wall climber, this could be the option for you. Not only can this truly remarkable RC drive up vertical walls, but it’s also capable of hanging off the ceiling. Just think of it as the Spiderman of the RC world! 

The lightweight car is available cheaply from major retailers like Walmart and Amazon. While it’s only suitable for indoor use, it’s a great option for those looking for a fun, inside activity on a rainy Saturday. 

The car is controlled by an innovative laser pointer system. Just aim the laser and the car will do its best to reach it! This simple method of control is fun and interesting, but it also makes the Air Hogs Zero Gravity an ideal option for young children who don’t need to master difficult controls. 

22. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Remote Control Car

For an RC car with a touch of class, look no further than the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. This cool sports car replica boasts cool features including working head and taillights, a realistic interior, and tough thermoplastic rubber chassis. 

This car has a large scale, meaning it’s seriously impressive on the road. It’s fast too! Running at a top speed of 15 miles per hour, it’s perfect for a little backyard racing. 

23. Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car

If you’re looking for an option for a preschool-aged child, the Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car is the perfect option. It’s cheap and fun to play with, and it can even help develop a child’s motor skills.

It’s brightly colored and easy to use. It comes with a simple steering wheel control which is fun for younger kids. Using the wheel and watching the car respond to the movements is a great way to improve hand/eye coordination. 

This is an especially great remote control car for kids feeling jealous of their older sibling’s new RC car. Now they can join in too!

24. RED5 Wall-Climbing Remote Control Car

This is another great wall-climbing option for those looking to defy gravity. The car is simple to use and can climb a variety of smooth surfaces thanks to its suction cup.

It’s cheap and easy to run, featuring a USB charger, so there’s no need to replace batteries in the car (although the controller does require battery changes). 

The car is even kitted out with cool LED headlights. Turn off the lights and let this unique RC put on a laser show on the roof and walls! 

25. Sheeliy Amphibious Remote Control Car

Want a car that’s just as at home on water as it is on land? The Sheeliy Amphibious Remote Control Car is a great option for you.

This innovative stunt car is built specifically for aquatic adventures. All its parts are covered by a protective, waterproof casing, so it can even be lightly submerged without breaking. 

There’s so much fun you could have with this car. You could drive it in a wooded area with small streams or ponds. Or you could even add a watery component to your custom track!

A Parents Guide: Shopping for Their First RC Car

Are you ready to have some fun with your kids? Grab one of these remote control cars for kids and head outside for exploration and adventure. If you love everything RC, be sure to check out some of our other reviews and blogs, including our blog on where to buy parts for RC cars

Did you know the speed record for a battery-powered RC car is over 325 kilometers per hour? These amazing toys have so much history, and they’re still a great gift for any kid.

There are lots of different types of RC cars on the market today. RC technology is developing at a rapid rate, and there are so many new varieties to choose from. For those without detailed knowledge, it can be difficult to know which one is the best RC car for kids. 

Looking for some handy tips? Stick around. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you understand the world of RC cars and learn how to discover the best kind for your child.

How to determine the best car?

In short, it depends! There are almost as many different varieties of RC cars as there are full-sized vehicles, so finding the best RC car depends on your personal tastes and requirements. 

popular RC cars for kids as shown on a google shopping search

It’s important to consider your child when making a decision. You should think about their age and experience. Are they an elementary schooler looking for their first RC car, or are they an experienced middle schooler looking for an upgrade on their current model?

Buying your child an RC car that’s unsuitable for their age group can be a big mistake. You could end up wasting your money or putting your child off the RC hobby for life. 

Keep Safety First

RC cars are a particularly safe toy for children of all ages. But it’s always important to do your own mini risk assessment before buying your child a toy.

Think carefully about the potential speed and weight of the toy. An RC car may not look like it can do much damage, but wait until you’ve been hit in the shins by a big RC truck traveling at high speed!

Once you’ve bought the car, be sure to give your child a quick safety pep talk to ensure they’re going to play safely. Emphasize the potential dangers of playing with the car on busy roads or fiddling with the electrics without proper supervision. 

Many parents make the mistake of splashing out on an RC car for their child only to see it rarely used. This isn’t because an RC car is a bad idea in the first place. Rather, the car they’ve chosen is unsuitable for some reason.

Remember Your Goals

Think carefully about why you want to buy your child an RC car. Are you hoping they’ll get into the hobby and participate in competitions? Do you want them to spend more time in the outdoors?

Since different RCs are suitable for different environments and activities, you’ll need to consider your goals carefully. If your child is interested in customization, it won’t be much use to get them a toy-grade RC.

Think about Aesthetics

The way an RC car looks might not seem too important to you. To a child, it’s everything. After all, RC cars are toys that are watched continually as they drive around.

Before making a choice, think about what your child particularly likes. Do they have an interest in a certain type of motorsport, like NASCAR or rallying? Do they love a movie series featuring an iconic car, like James Bond’s Aston Martin?

Try to find an RC car that appeals to their interests. There are so many different varieties out there, and some companies even offer custom builds. If you can think of it, you can build it! 

Hobby or Toy Standard?

True RC enthusiasts always look for hobby standard vehicles. These RCs are the best in the business, offering plenty of options for customization, as well as the highest quality components. Hobby-grade RCs are used in official tournaments and competitions. 

The other kind of RC available is toy-grade, the standard type sold at popular toy retailers. Just because a car is non-hobby standard doesn’t mean it’s poor quality. It just means it’s better suited to beginners and has less room for customization.

If you’re buying your child their first RC car, you’ll probably want to choose a toy-grade car. This will allow your child to get used to driving an RC car and decide if they want to devote more time and energy to the hobby. If things go well, you could consider upgrading to a hobby-grade.

Electric vs. Nitro?

There are two ways hobby-grade RC cars are powered. The most common is by an electric motor. Electric RC cars are cheap, efficient, and easy to maintain.

Nitro-powered RC cars use some type of fuel. While they’re generally much more powerful and fast, they tend to be a lot more expensive and can be quite difficult to maintain. They’re also more expensive to run since you’ll have to pay for fuel, just like a full-sized vehicle.

Electric cars are the best for starter RCs, and you’ll find all toy-grade RCs are electric. If you’re looking for a long-term hobby project or the chance to take part in official competitions, opt for a nitro car. 

Research Your Budget

Naturally, your budget is going to play a major part in your choice of car. The more money you’re able to spend, the better product you’ll get. But if you’re buying on a tight budget, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find something your child will like.

Cars directed at younger children are cheaper, so if you’re buying for an elementary school child, you’ll likely find you’ve got plenty more options to enjoy. 

Older kids might appreciate those slightly more expensive options. But whether you’re spending $30 or $300, you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs.

Playing With RC Cars

Another important factor when choosing an RC car is how your child plans to play with it. Different RCs suit different environments. If you’re planning on just playing indoors, you’ll want an entirely different model than those looking to do some serious RC off-roading!

Think carefully about how your child is likely to play with the toy. Will they be playing alone or with friends? Indoors or outdoors?

RC cars are versatile enough that there are great options for everyone. Whatever restrictions you’re working under, you’ll surely be able to find something suitable for you. 

Practice Makes Perfect

New RC cars often require a lot of practice to get the hang of. Controls can be tough at times, so it might take a little time and effort for your child to get the hang of their new toy. 

Many children give up on the joys of RC when they become discouraged early on.  So, it’s important to help your child get used to the toy. It might seem daunting at first, but it won’t take long before your child has mastered the controls and can handle even the toughest of tracks. 

Spend some time practicing the controls with them. Carefully read over the instructions provided alongside the car. It might take a little while before your child feels confident in charge of their car, but it’s worth taking the extra time to ensure they get the most out of their toy. 

Extra Features

Parents or grandparents of a certain age might remember RC cars from their childhoods. Although they were plenty of fun, the older models were quite basic, normally only offering the option to go forwards and backward. 

add-on extra features for your RC car for extra fun for your kids

Modern RC cars offer so much more. there are all kinds of different features and abilities these amazing cars might possess. 

They can climb walls, skid on dirt, do tricks, and even drive over water. There’s no need to settle for something dull when there are all kinds of amazing features to choose from. 

Wall Climbing

Ever imagined an RC car that can climb a wall like a spider? It’s not just the stuff of dreams, these cars really exist. Capable of driving almost vertically, they’re perfect for performing tricks or handling rugged terrain.

Be sure to check the car’s capability before buying. These wall crawlers have different tolerances for gradient, and while some can drive practically vertically, others have a significantly lower tolerance for slopes. 


In many cases, kids presented with a brand new RC car want to see it catch some air. They might set up a ramp and drive over it at full speed to see it sailing gloriously through the air.

Some RCs handle jumps better than others. The chassis, wheels, suspension, and other parts can all have an impact on how well a car handles jumps. 


Did you know some RC cars can even transform? At the touch of a button, they take a new, exciting form. 

Whether it’s a robot, a monster, or a different type of vehicle, there are all kinds of transforming RC options available. Some even have extra features, like plastic rockets that really shoot!

While these cars don’t generally tend towards the top of the line in terms of performance, they’re some of the most fun and appealing options on the market. 


Lights may not be as impressive as the other special features on this list, but they can add a touch of magic to an RC car. 

These could be in the form of brightly colored torchlights, scaled-down headlights, or even searchlights for scale emergency vehicles. 

When you take a car out to your yard and night and watch as it zooms around the track with its lights flashing through the dark, you’ll understand the importance of quality lights on an RC car. 


Why settle for a stock model when you can create a unique RC car? There is a whole range of accessories and upgrades you can add to your RC vehicle. Kids will be extra proud of a vehicle that’s unique. And it can be a great parent/child bonding experience to modify a vehicle together!

This is also a good way of spreading the cost of a quality RC if you’re on a low budget. You can buy a cheap, basic option to start off with, then slowly make modifications over the following months. Whatever modifications you choose to make, be sure to follow the proper safety procedures.


Improving the wheels on your car is one of the best ways to increase its utility. More rugged, off-road wheels can allow your RC to function well on difficult terrain, allowing you to take it to a greater range of locations out and about. 

Different wheels can also improve handling or allow cars to function better in wet weather. They can also play a key part in the look of the car. 

Some RC enthusiasts like to buy several sets of wheels, so they can change to different types for different scenarios. True aficionados use around half a dozen sets of wheels to get the best performance possible on dirt, rocks, tarmac, sand, mud, and other terrains. 


If you’re looking to increase the speed of your car, one of the best ways to do it is with an improved motor. Many hobby shops offer more powerful motors which can offer you a significant speed boost over the stock options. 

Brushed motors are the standard options that come in all toy-grade RCs and many stock models. Some hobbyists prefer to upgrade to a brushless motor. Although they’re higher priced, these motors offer significantly higher performance and are generally faster than nitro engines. 

Be careful. An overly powerful motor can damage your car if it’s overloaded. Or an excessive speed can make it hard to control and cause a crash. 


One of the simplest but most satisfying modifications you can make to an RC Car is decals. These simple visual modifications simply paste onto the outer shell of the toy.

FireBrand RC sticker kit

They’re easy to use and cheap to buy, but the possibilities for customization are endless! You could turn a standard vehicle into a cool race car with a number and stripes, or even a street racer with flames or other effects. 

Plenty of decals are available cheaply online or from hobby shops. They’re simple to apply too, normally requiring only a simple pasting process.


Looking for a more radical change of appearance? Some RC cars can have their chassis changed wholesale. For the right type of car, this can be a simple process, involving some simple screw loosening and tightening.

This is a great way to get the car of your dreams on a budget or create a truly unique car that will be the envy of your friends.

Ensure the replacement chassis is made of tough material. It isn’t there just to look good, but to protect the inner workings of the car too. It ought to be able to stand up to a little buffeting or even a small crash. 


Controls are incredibly important to any RC car. But they’re often overlooked by those unfamiliar with the hobby. 

A control’s usability should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to hobby-grade cars. Clunky controls that are too hard to use can severely impact the drive experience.

Transmitters are important too. A more powerful transmitter will allow you to drive your car at a greater range and experience less disruption from obstacles. 

Having Fun with Your Kids

The fun of an RC car doesn’t end with buying it and taking it for a quick spin. There’s so much you can do to improve your RC ownership experience. Get creative and do a little research to come up with even more great ideas. 

RC Parties with Friends

RC cars are great for socializing. If your child has lots of friends with the same hobby, you could throw an RC party, allowing the kids to share their passion for RC cars and have fun with RC activities.

Think of all the challenges and activities you could arrange for your RC drivers! From stunt shows and races to time trials and jumps, there’s so much you could do.

You could even make it a yearly event. Kids will have a lot of fun developing friendly rivalries and looking forward to the next neighbourhood party when they can show off their new vehicles. 

Local Competitions

Many RC enthusiasts enjoy competitive racing. The chance to test their skills against other drivers is a high-adrenaline experience that’s not to be missed. Take a look online and you’ll likely find competitions in your local area. 

However, these official competitions often have strict requirements for the type of car used and might take some of the fun out of driving. 

If you’re looking for a fun but competitive option, you could even organize your own tournament! This could be as simple as inviting a few of your kids’ friends over and enjoying a few laps around your yard to see who’s fastest. They could even try out driving each others’ cars to shake things up.

Challenges and Projects

If you’re looking to challenge your child in a fun and innovative way, why not come up with an RC-related project to work on together?

If you’re customizing a hobby-grade RC, you can learn so much about physics together. Use your RC to conduct projects on electric currents, the laws of motion, and more.

Building a Custom Track

Building a custom track is one of the best ways to get the most out of your RC car. Not only will it give you a great place to have lots of safe racing fun, but it’s also a fun activity itself.

Get creative with your design and choice of materials. There’s no need to spend lots of money or invest in expensive building materials. You can build an excellent track with some pieces of old wood, a little paint, and a bit of hard work!

If you build your own track in the yard, it’s the perfect place to host parties or local competitions. Be sure to lay down a start/finish line and allow enough space for several cars to race at once. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of all the ins and outs of the best RC cars. You’re now well-equipped to decide on the best RC car for kids!

If you’re keen to get more information on all things RC, there’s no need to look far. You’re just a click away from a wide range of other articles and fun content on this exciting hobby.

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