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8 Best Remote Control Flying Animal Toys

Looking for a remote control animal? We may be adults, be we brought out our inner child for this in depth guide!

Every new year ushers in an array of new toys for both children and adults. Over the years, standard remote control cars for kids have given way to many different remote control options. One of the newest fads in remote toys is the flying animal.

Before you Buy

Remember to do your homework. Make sure the toy is appropriate for age and has a good rating, as shown below. Most importantly, consider the space where you will be flying your new remote control toy.

flying remote control eagle reviews for sale online

Some cities actually consider some remote control toys to be drones, and they have very specific rules for flying. Once your homework is done, happy flying!

Benefits of Remote control Toys

There are several benefits to remote-controlled toys. Below are the reasons you should consider for your children. A few of these benefits include:

  • Increased interactions: being more interactive with playthings can expand a child’s ability to communicate and problem-solve.
  • Cause and effect: this is best known as cause and effect, or what goes up must come down. When operating an RC toy, they can see a cause and effect. They are in control of what goes up and what comes down.
  • Enhanced hand-eye coordination: Remote Control toys take a great deal of hand-eye coordination. Babies and toddlers are still developing the ability to make a move without watching the motion, while adolescents or older can make controlled moves and not watch.


Being able to play with Remote Control vessels makes the imagination fly. Open-ended toys offer children of any age the ability to create their own ending. A growing imagination does wonders for cognitive skills and problem-solving skills.

Family Connection

When using remote control toys, your child may have questions or need your support. This is different with regular toys, because normally, these toys don’t come with right or wrong way. There are so many fun options to explore for adults, kids, and yes even families too.

AnimalSize (Inches)PriceReviews
Robo Alive T-Rex14 x 3 x 8$143,366
SainSmart Jr. Car6 x 4 x 2$293,113
Joy for All Cat9 x 15 x 10$1192,778
Zoomer Chomplingz7 x 5 x 8$291,521
Air Swimmers Shark57 x 36 x 12 $441,167
Hexbug Nano Cat3 x 2 x 1$91,071
WowWee RC Minion5 x 5 x 8$39987
FurReal Friends StarLily19 x 14 x 11$159794
Anki Cozmo7 x 5 x 4$179739
Bladez Toyz Minion13 x 11 x 16$29618

In some situations, seeking a parent’s help is an effort to connect and grow a relationship. Assist your child with delicacy and take advantage of the bonding while understanding that there are many ways to approach the situation.

Different Types of Animals

Most remote control animals fall into two subcategories: Ocean and Land. Both of these categories, though, actually fly in the air remotely. What better fun than to see a flying shark being chased by a flying dinosaurs!

Land Remote Control Animals

These land animals include flying birds, bugs, and even dinosaurs too. They are priced from $18.99 up to $49.99 and are affordable for any budget.

1. Pterosaur Dinosaur

Mini Drone Dinosaur Toy

$49.99 – 4.5 star rating

This mini drone dinosaur toy comes with a simulated look and unique pterodactyl shape, perfect for children over 8 years old to play with. This is easy for kids and beginners.

This mini Pterodactyl drone toy can hover automatically by the altitude hold system. At the same time, the drone can start/stop with just one button. This design helps to take off and land easily. And there are 3 speed modes from low to high. This is a perfect gift!

The Pterodactyl dinosaur drone is a quality toy for boys and girls. If you are looking for a fun and novelty gift for your child, then this Pterodactyl dinosaur drone is the perfect choice.

2. DEERC Remote Control Eagle

DEERC Remote Control Flying Eagle

$39.99 – 4.5 star rating

This Eagle is easy to fly. It has a RC plane built-in 6-axis gyroscope automatic stabilization system, which provides the pilot a perfect flying experience. Built by the DEERC company, it is a remote control plane that is easy to maintain and delivers the best possible flight experience and withstands impacts. 

The controller can control the bird in 4 directions: up and down, left and right. The maximum control distance reaches 500 ft ! Just throw the bird out gently, it can start to fly immediately. It looks like a real eagle in flight.

3. HANVON Go Go Bird

HANVON Go Go Bird Flying Remote Control Toy

$39.99 – 4 star rating

Go Go Bird Flying Toy with 7 Colors LED light: Flapping wings let it look like a real bird in flight! You just need to throw the bird out gently, it can start to be flying immediately. The most surprising feature is that it can be flying in the opposite direction when the obstacle are close to it.

You can also use the remote control to control its direction. Go Go Bird can satisfy your cool flying needs.  Kids can “Play” their bird up, down, around, through hula hoops and more. Perfect fun for outside!

4. Tipmant Kids RC Ladybird

Tipmant Kids RC Ladybird Toy

$18.99 – 4 star rating

The RC ladybird car is so real like with glowing eyes, vivid skin & movable legs, great prank toy. The ladybird crawls forward and backwards. It comes with screwdriver and LR44 batteries, so that you can install or replace the battery conveniently. It is available at stores online including retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and more.

Ocean Remote Control Animals

These flying fish and remote control ocean dwellers are well known for their ability to surprise your friends or make your family laugh. At prices ranging from $29.99 to $38.99, they definitely won’t break the bank either.

5. Flying Remote Control Shark

Flying Remote Control Great White Shark Balloon

$28.66 – 4 star rating

Get your new Air Flying Shark. This flying shark swim through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like motion. It provides hours of remote control indoor fun in even the smallest of rooms (not for outdoor use).

The body is made from a high quality, durable foil material by the Air Swimmers company. It is so strong that it will stay inflated for weeks! Steers in Any Direction. It travels Up/down, go forward & backward, turn right & left.This fish is vivid that its tail can swing. Easy Indoor Fun!

6. The Flying Clown Fish Balloon

Remote Control Clown Fish Balloon

$29.99 – 4 star rating

This Remote Controlled Flying Clownfish flies through the room while imitating the movement of their undersea relatives by driving themselves with lifelike fins, A remote controls the air dwellers, moving in different directions as they avoid obstacles such as staircases. This is perfect for indoors and for home parties. 

7. Remote Control Whale Shark

$38.99 – 5 star rating

Although this whale isn’t flying through the air, it is zooming through the water! Its unique splashing ink pattern look good enough to catch your eye, brings unlimited imagination to kids, come and interact with the whale shark game!

Kids might put the remote in water, and this time they’ll get a waterproof remote! It’s so boring to watch on shore, they can take the remote to the pool and play with our shark whale toy without worrying about the remote getting wet.

It has a huge range and long battery life. Imagination is what playing is all about and using an RC whale toy opens up an entire universe of submerged or in air possibilities based on the type of whale you become.

8. Remote Control Mosasaurus

$39.98 – 4 star rating

The Mosasaurus toy is made of high quality ABS material, modeled after the real Mosasaurus, with realistic details.The battery cover has a rubber sealing ring to prevent water from entering inside during operation, which greatly increases waterproofing.

The RC mosasaurus would energize only when put into water. Enjoy this one of a kind toy in the pool , lake, or bathtub!

Not a Fan of Flying Animals?

Some flying drones are not just made for animal fun, but can do all three things. The final two items on our top 10 list are sea, land, and air compatible.

Some people might not be into the animal toys. And maybe after reading our list, you just aren’t that into flying balloon sharks or eagles. Here are a couple of cheap bonus drones that are just as fun!

Sea, Land, and Air 360° Drone

What could be better than flying in the air and under the water? This drone does both! This amazing drone aircraft has three speeds: high, medium and low speeds can be switched freely to adapt to different flying environments and different experience feelings. 

It’s not exactly an animal, but it’s still the perfect gift for kids! The switching of the game mode is simple and easy to use, and it is not limited to the environment (indoor, outdoor, swimming pool and other water surfaces). Take this portable drone anywhere and anytime to fulfill the passionate enthusiasm of you child!

Sea, Land, and Air RC Aircraft

Air, land and sea 3 in 1 with three modes of play: water mode, grass mode and air mode. You can now fly as you like anywhere and anytime. This comes with high-brightness LED lights, high-simulation and strong power, which lets you play at night.

It has 2.4G remote control system. It has a signal that is strong and stable and the remote control distance is greater than 300 meters. The remote control can control the RC plane up, down, left, right four directions.If there are multi-players, it will not interfere with each other.

Buy What’s Best For You

Once you know the best remote control animal brands, you just need to browse the available animals and see what is best for you. There are many types of animals you can pick. Many we included on our list, and some we did not. They include:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Insects
  • Fish
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Fantasy creatures (e.g. unicorns, dragons)
  • Farm animals (e.g. cows, pigs, sheep)
  • Wild animals (e.g. lions, tigers, bears)

The best animal for you will be the one that brings you the most joy. Not a fan of animals after reading our guide? Then check out our other RC Toys, and visit our guide to the best car brands while you are here. With so many to offer, you are sure to find one you love. It is just a case of setting a budget and doing some shopping!

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I got the shark to spice things up at the office now that people are starting to come back again. The remote is powerful enough that I can sit at my desk and basically fly it around the office. It's a ton of laughs for a cheap price.

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