Top Race TR-C285G RC Remote Controlled Airplane

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Adults and children above a certain age are bound to enjoy flying the Top Race RC Plane with three channel remote control.

One key question that is often asked by remote controlled plane enthusiasts is whether a license is needed to fly these small versions of the real thing and the answer is no, but it is possible that the new ‘pilot’ would need a few lessons on how to safely maneuver around the skies above without harming property or people that might come into the ‘fly zone’.

The Top Race 3 RC Plane is ready to fly and is an ideal hobby gift for adults and advanced boys. The plane model TR-C285G is ‘ready to fly’ and comes with upgraded new propeller saver technology that saves the RC plane from getting damaged.

The plane comes with three levels of flying being easy, medium and hard.  So, if the person flying the plane is a beginner, he can start on the easiest level and gradually build up to medium and then to the harder level.

Remote control planes can be an expensive hobby and it is usually just men and boys who enjoy them, although there is a very small percentage of girls and women who enjoy flying RC planes. Costs for these planes can run into hundreds if not thousands, but the Top Race 3 Channel Plane goes for the acceptable cost of around ninety to one-hundred dollars from online stores.

The plane uses a 2.4 Ghz radio control distance of over 320 feet and has an eight millimeter cordless motor, so flying time can be up to twelve minutes on a single charge.

A definite amount of skill is however required with these remote control planes, such as flipping and looping your ‘toy’ around in the sky like a pro is nothing to sniff at.  Many a competition has been won or lost due to the amount of skill a flyer has.