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All About RC Boats

photo of a remote control power boat

One of our favorite and a major RC toy type: the radio-controlled or remote control boat. Did you know that 127 million Americans live in coastal counties? In some of these counties, a popular adult hobby is playing with remote control boats.

When you buy a remote control boat, it’s not enough that you live in a coastal area. You must first check the location where you’ll be taking your boat. Certain boats work best for oceans, while others operate on large lakes or rivers well. Like RC cars, the type of fuel your boat runs on can also vary. Beginners will often do great with the powerful engines of electric boats. If you’re more advanced, you may start trying out other fuel types, like nitro and gas.

Next, consider the hull type of your remote control boat. There are three most common hulls for RC boats. These are the:

  • Flat-bottom
  • Hydroplane
  • Monohull

If you have an RC unit that is an airboat or hovercraft, you’ll want a flat-bottom hull. Hydroplanes are great for RC boats used for competitions or races. Finally, the most common hull is the monohull.

Using Your Remote Control Boat

Like real boats, you must be extra careful with how you handle your boat. Learn to read the waters, and if the boat can survive large movements. Otherwise, you risk capsizing your remote control boat in the middle of the water. Be careful about running your boat on saltwater. Since saltwater is corrosive, most RC boats don’t do well in them. Brands like Altair, Traxxas, and Pro Boat are the top brands in the RC boat industry.