Altair Midsize Wave Remote Control Boat

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Enjoy hours of aquatic family fun with the Altair Midsize Wave RC Boat. This little craft is uniquely great for racing adventures on lakes, ponds, pools, rivers or even in the ocean. Completely child-safe in its propeller design and fully self-righting, this Altair RC boat also comes with a tough mid-sized body that’s easy to handle and perfect for kids 14 or older. Don’t let the Altair Midsize Wave RC Boat pass you by with the hours of fun it’s ready to offer.

Fast, Fun and Versatile

The Altair Wave boat is superbly designed to maximize fun on the water. Kids 14 and older can use the boat problem-free while it offers plenty of range and endurance for lakes, rivers, ponds and nearby seas. This boat moves fast too, with a top speed of 24km per hour and a unique self-righting design lets it get upright quickly even if choppy water capsizes the little craft.

Want to make time with the AA Wave RC Boat even more interesting? Mount a miniature camera to its body for some interesting shots of local aquatic wildlife and hidden corners of nearby rivers. This remote-controlled boat is versatile enough for this and so much more.

Tough and Accident-Resistant

Altair knows about building toys that endure rugged treatment. The AA Wave RC boat is no exception. It’s built to handle choppy water, bangs and scrapes, and its self-righting design ensures that you won’t lose this tough toy easily out on the waves. The Wave RC Boat’s unique water safe propeller system also keeps kids safe from accidents of their own. By activating propeller spin only if the boat is in the water, little hands and fingers stay safe from fast-moving parts.

When the weather gets nice enough for time by the waves, the Altair Midsize Wave RC Boat is the perfect accessory for family vacation games on the water.