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All About RC Trucks

photo of a remote control 4x4 truck

Like remote control cars, you’re going to find a lot of remote control trucks in the industry. Some top RC truck brands include ARRMA, Traxxas, and Redcat Racing. This type of RC toy often comes with big wheels, bulky designs, and a lot of power for high jumps. You can find RC trucks that can go off-road or on dirt roads. Certain models get created with the design for rock crawling in mind. Like life-sized vehicles, RC trucks in rock crawling competitions race over different obstacles.

The top rated remote control trucks will not be hard to find. You can even find a community dedicated to RC trucks for sport or hobby. Adults who join the community talk to others about everything related to similar activities as normal trucks. Within the community focused on remote control trucks, you’ll also find smaller communities. These smaller communities, especially RC truck enthusiasts, often join racing competitions.

While the RC truck communities are large, don’t undermine their competitive spirit. If you prefer a more adventurous and extreme type of outdoor activity, rock crawling is the game for you. It’s as fun as going on an actual rock crawler but also a lot safer. It’s also a great channel for your competitive spirit.