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5 Fastest Remote Control Boats in the World

Looking for a fast RC boat that you can afford? Here’s 5 speedy boats you can take to the lake or pond today!

If you haven’t already gotten in on the RC boat hobby, you’re seriously missing out. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there’s a lot to love about fast RC boats.

Advances in technology have led to increases in speed, aesthetics, and overall awesomeness in RC boats. Over fifty percent of people live within 3 Kilometers (2 miles) of water. It’s very likely you have a body of water near you, so what’s stopping you from getting in on the fun?

The Fastest RC Boat Brands

Here are some of the fastest RC boat brands that are known for producing high-speed boats:

1. Pro Boat (Our Top Pick)

Pro Boat offers a wide range of RC boats designed with speed in mind. They utilize powerful brushless motors and hydrodynamic hull designs to achieve outstanding performance. Models like the Blackjack series and the Voracity-E demonstrate Pro Boat’s dedication to creating high-speed machines for the most discerning hobbyists.

2. Atomik RC

Atomik RC is known for its sleek designs and high-performance RC boats. They focus on using lightweight materials, brushless motors, and efficient power systems to maximize speed. The Atomik Barbwire and A.R.C. series are perfect examples of Atomik RC’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of speed.


UDI RC offers a variety of fast and affordable RC boats that cater to beginners and intermediate hobbyists. Their boats are equipped with brushed or brushless motors, depending on the model, providing excellent performance for their price point. The UDI001 Venom and the UDI007 Voyager are popular choices for those seeking speed without breaking the bank.

4. Traxxas

Their brushless motor systems and advanced engineering allow their boats to reach impressive speeds, making them a popular choice among speed enthusiasts. The Traxxas Spartan, Blast Electric, and DCB M41 are prime examples of the company’s commitment to producing fast RC boats.

5. Cheerwing

Cheerwing produces RC boats that offer a blend of speed, stability, and affordability. Their boats are designed with user-friendly features, making them accessible to a wide range of hobbyists. The Cheerwing Arrow and S5 Thunderbolt are excellent examples of their commitment to providing fast and fun RC boats at a reasonable price.

6. Force1

Force1 is a brand that focuses on creating high-speed RC boats with a perfect balance between performance and ease of use. They incorporate advanced features like brushless motors and responsive controls, enabling their boats to reach remarkable speeds. The Force1 H102 Velocity and the H120 Spirit are popular choices for hobbyists seeking a thrilling ride.

Common Questions You Might Need Answered

Many people avoid boating in general (whether real or RC), and it’s most likely a lack of knowledge about the hobby. That or an overwhelming number of options to choose from. Similar to our writeup on the fastest RC cars, this article will remedy that. And today we will work hard by informing you about some of the fastest RC boats on the market today.

really fast yellow RC racing boat on a lake kicking up water spray behind it

Before we get to the boats, it’s important to educate yourself first. Our team has tested dozens of fast boats to bring you these 5. We compiled our list by a combination of speed, reliability, and cost.

What factors contribute to an RC boat’s speed?

The speed of an RC boat is influenced by its motor type (brushless or brushed), power source (battery or gas), hull design (V-hull or catamaran), and propeller size and pitch. Brushless motors and lithium polymer batteries are generally faster and more efficient, while catamaran hulls provide greater stability and V-hulls offer better maneuverability.

How can I increase the speed of my RC boat?

To increase your boat’s speed, you can upgrade the motor to a brushless one, use a higher-capacity lithium polymer battery, or fine-tune the propeller size and pitch. Also, maintaining a clean hull and proper weight distribution can improve speed and overall performance.

What’s the difference between gas and electric RC boats in terms of speed?

Gas-powered RC boats tend to have higher top speeds and longer run times than their electric counterparts. However, electric boats offer better acceleration, quieter operation, and easier maintenance. With advancements in battery and motor technology, electric boats are closing the gap in speed performance.

Are there any speed restrictions for RC boats in public waterways?

Speed restrictions for RC boats may vary depending on the location and local regulations. Always check with local authorities or park management to ensure you’re abiding by the rules. Additionally, it’s essential to operate your boat responsibly and consider the safety of others sharing the water.

How can I measure my RC boat’s speed accurately?

To measure your boat’s speed, you can use a GPS speed meter designed for RC vehicles, or download an RC-specific speedometer app for your smartphone. These tools can provide real-time speed data while you operate your boat, helping you track and fine-tune its performance.

5 Popular RC Boats Known for Fast Speeds

Now on to our list! Our team tested dozens of models and read hundreds of customer reviews to come up with this list. You can trust we spent hours researching so you don’t have to.

Here’s 5 incredibly quick RC boats that you can buy today and take to the water tomorrow:

1. Altair AA Wave Ultra Fast Racing Boat

Picture of the AA Wave racing boat by Altair

This list is kicking off with this sleek red menace. The Altair Ultra Fast Racing RC Boat is a bargain as well as a powerhouse. It’s good for starters or somebody more experienced.

Let’s take a look at some of the features.

The Speed

The Altair can achieve speeds of up to 30 km/h. This is due to its 390-size brushed motor. Despite the speed, it’s able to make sharp turns, making it less likely to capsize.

Anti-Capsize Hull System

But even if it does happen to capsize, the Altair AA has you covered, If the boat does flip over, a quick button press will flip it back upright. This is perfect for beginners — or speed freaks — who are more likely to flip over.

Battery Power

In the RC hobby, batteries don’t usually last very long. To combat this, the Altair AA Wave comes with two 7.4V 1500mAh (you usually have to buy extra). Each battery lasts ten minutes, to allow you up to twenty minutes of racing.

The addition of the extra battery makes the Altair AA a great bargain for anyone getting into the hobby. It’s a great deal to start you off, but you can always buy more batteries for even more racing.

Final Verdict

This boat is currently selling for just under $70. Its speed, extra battery, and anti-capsize hull make it one of the best options for RC Boaters.

An experienced boater may want to add this to their collection just for how pretty it is. The addition of the extra battery is a unique deal for anyone interested in the RC hobby. I highly recommend this boat to either a beginner or experienced boater.

2. Yezi Vector Racing RC Boat

Picture of a black and blue Yezi Vector Racing RC Boat

This yellow boat is one of the best remote control boats out there for your money. But the low price doesn’t mean it’s low quality — it comes with some very unique features. Let’s take a look at what makes it so special.

The Speed

The Yezi Vector can run at 20+ miles per hour (32 kilometers per hour). This makes it able to compete with some more expensive boats on the list. If you’ve been keeping track, that means it’s even faster than the Altair AA!

Four Directions

The Yezi Vector stands out because it is able to move in four directions. The ability to steer the boat forward, backward, left and right, makes it incredibly easy to control. This is perfect for beginners, who are still getting the hang of steering through the water.


The motor of this boat comes complete with a water-detecting feature. This means that the motor can only run in water, saving you energy by eliminating accidental motor usage. This feature also makes the boat optimal for beginners and children who are more likely to make mistakes.

Anti-Capsize Hull System

Just like the Altair AA102, the Yezi Vector comes equipped with an anti-capsize hull system. At the push of the button, you can flip your RC boat back over and keep on boating.

Final Verdict

The Yezi Vector Racing RC boat is optimal for beginners. Its various features make it easy to control and to prevent accidents it comes with several precautionary members. It’s high speed however sure that whoever owns this boat doesn’t suffer as a beginner.

The incredibly low price of only $42.49 makes it one of the best bargains out there. If you need an RC boat on a budget, want to buy several RC boats for several people, or just want to buy the perfect boat for a beginner, the Yezi Vector Racing RC has you covered.

3. Altair AA102 Aerial High Speed RC Boat

Now we hit the first RC boat on our list priced over 100 dollars. The Altair High Speed RC Boat comes equipped for some serious RC boating. Its high speeds and special features make it one of the best boats out there for racing. But what makes the Altair Aerial AA 102 so amazing?

Stunning Speed

This speed-demon can travel up to 40 km/h per hour. That’s faster than Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet. It’s designed for open-water use, but control’s well enough to run in pools as well.

Helpful Alarms

This boat runs at high speeds, but you don’t have to worry about it getting away from you. The Altair Aerial comes with both low-battery and out-of-range alarms. This way you’ll know if you need to pull your boat back in for a battery change, or just closer racing.

Brushless Motor

This boat also runs on a brushless motor. That means it runs efficiently and wears down less easily. A brushless motor runs longer, meaning you get more RC boating for your money.

Anti-Capsize Hull System

Just like the slower boats on this list, this boat comes with an anti-capsize hull system. Since the boat moves so fast, this feature is very important. It’s good to know that you won’t sacrifice safety for speed.

Final Verdict

At $124.80, this RC boat may seem like a lot of money. However, the incredible speed combined with the various benefits makes it worth it for the money.

The anti-capsize system, the brushless motor, and the various alarms make the Altair AA a sturdy investment. With this RC boat, you’re less likely to lose your boat to an accident and more likely to have a good time boating. I highly recommend this to intermediates or beginners who want to arrive with a splash in the hobby.

4. Force1 Velocity Remote Control Boat

force1 velocity speed rc boat

The Force1 is one of the best boats for beginners, with great speed for a great price. It has some unique features of its own, so let’s take a look at what makes it so special.

The Speed

The Force 1, like the Yezi Vector, also runs at speeds of 20+ mph. You can rest assured that this boat is fast in addition to its special features.

Low Signal Alarm

While this boat comes closer to the very low price of the Yezi Vector, it comes equipped with one of the coolest features of the Altair Aerial. This boat of less than half the price comes with a low signal alarm, to make sure your boat doesn’t die out on the water.

Emergency Stop Mechanism

One of the most special things about the Force 1 is that it comes equipped with an emergency stop mechanism. This makes navigation a breeze, with the operator able to easily cancel any momentum to avoid accidents. The emergency stop mechanism makes this boat one of the best boats for beginners.

Anti-Capsize Hull System

In addition to the low price and the amazing features, the Force1 still comes with the anti-capsize system. Beginners will easily be able to recover from any accidents they don’t avoid with the emergency stop mechanism.

The Final Verdict

Coming in at just under $55, the Force 1 is the second cheapest boat in this article. Its competitive speed and special features make it truly a great bargain. It contains many of the advantages of more expensive boats, for a much lower price.

The unique Emergency Stop Mechanism combined with other more standard safety measures make this one of the best options out there for beginners. For a beginner who doesn’t want to spend too much money but still wants special features, there’s no option better than the Force1.

5. Cheerwing High Speed Racing RC Boat

cheerwing brushless red racing rc boat

Now, this boat is impressive. The Cheerwing RC Boat is one of the fastest remote control boats you’ll find. Whoever owns it will surely be the top-dog of any group of RC racers.

The sleek, linear, and streamlined design makes it look like a piece of modern art. It’s so beautiful that you may be tempted to frame it and put it on display on your mantle. But you’re not going to want to miss out on this RC boat’s serious power.

Breakneck Speeds

We’ve discussed some serious speed before, but nothing quite like this. Hold onto your hats folks, the Cheerwing can go up to 30 mph (kilometer). That’s about as fast as a rabbit.

This boat’s insane speed makes it one of the best RC boats you can buy. It would surely make you stand out among all of the RC boat hobbyists you know, and would surely win races.

Reverse Operation

One of the several advanced features of this boat is its option for reverse operation. This means the boat can move backward to maneuver it out of tough positions.

Multiple Boat Synchronization

The Cheerwing features a radio-control system that lets you control and coordinate multiple RC boats at once. With the Cheerwing, you could rule the high seas, easily conducting complete racing scenarios.

Cheerwing RC boat Venom model in gray and white

And don’t worry about making it complicated; the pairing system on this boat is easy to operate and only takes minutes. The trigger-styler controller makes it easy to operate on your hands.

Waterproof Design

This boat is specially designed to keep water away from important components. The dual-locking covers direct water away from essential areas, letting you stay racing for longer.

Easy Access

When the time for maintenance does come, the Cheerwing has you covered. The boat’s inner and outer covers twist-off, letting easily into the internal components. This makes battery changes and repairs a breeze.

Mimicking Larger Vessels

One of the coolest things about this boat is that its motion and wake mimic a larger vessel. While zipping through your local lake or river at top speed, you’ll also feel like a true captain. This boat is perfect for RC hobbyists as well as boat fanatics.

With a boat this realistic, you may be tempted to name your boat. Here’s an article about how to do that if you want to, and maybe go easy on the christening.

Simple Recovery

This boat also features many of the benefits you’ve become familiar with throughout this article. The boat comes with anti-capsizing technology, an out-of-range alarm, and a low battery alarm.

Final Verdict

The many perks of this boat make it one of the most tempting RC boats on the market. It’s no surprise that it’s the most expensive boat on this list, coming in at just under $170. It is one of the fastest remote control boats out there.

For an experienced RC boater, or someone wanting to dive headfirst into the hobby, it’s perfect. The remarkable perks also truly make it stand out — how many more boats do you know that come with synchronized RC options?

Buying the Fastest RC Boats

The RC car world will likely grow in the next ten years. Many people throughout the world are discovering the joy of owning and operating an RC vehicle. You can see that speedy boats vary in terms of their price and speed, so try to pick the best one that works for your budget and needs!

Boat ModelSpeed (MPH)Average RatingPrice (USD)
Traxxas M4150+4.8/5$499.95
Pro Boat Blackjack 2945+4.5/5$429.99
Atomik Barbwire 230+4.5/5$169.99
Fei Lun FT01130+4.4/5$102.99
Velocity Toys FT00720+4.3/5$39.95
UDI RC Venom 220+4.2/5$69.99
SZJJX RC Boat15+4.2/5$50.99
Cheerwing RC Racing Boat15+4.2/5$59.99
Gizmovine Remote Control Boat12+4.1/5$89.99
Force1 Velocity RC Boat10+4.1/5$74.99

Once people discover how great affordable RC boats are, they’ll probably get more popular too. Soon enough, you’ll have many friends — and rivals — to race your boat against. Now that you know about some of the fastest RC boats today, it’s time to make an informed purchase and enjoy your boating!

If you’re also into RC cars, check out our selection of those as well.

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Fastest RC Boats
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Anthony Miller
Pro Boat Blackjack should be 1, 2, and 3!

My only suggestion would be Pro Boat should be 1, 2, and 3 on your list. Joking aside, it's the best boat on this list and the reviews show it! It's more expensive than other RC boats like Cheerwing but you get what you pay for. If you can afford a $200 boat, go for it. You won't regret the purchase!

 by Mike Tippitz
My top pick is the Altair AA102

I was surprised the first time that I got the Altair AA102 in the open water on a big pond near my house. It cuts through the water faster than other boats I've owned in my 20 years of racing RC boats. Definitely check it out!

By Mike Tippitz

Mike is the Founder and CEO of The Toyz. He has a passion for anything with a remote and a control including cars, trucks, drones, planes, boats and more. When he's not writing about RC toys, you can find him traveling, exercising, or playing with his 7 year old Labrador Retriever named Zip.