Altair 818 Hornet Quadcopter Drone with Camera

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The Altair 818 Hornet  is a drone so easy to use that your kids can have a ball making their first drone movies, but so professionally capable that your business can achieve its presentation goals in record time. Considered a hobby drone sporting a professional quality 720p camera, the Altair 818 Hornet keeps costs low and opportunity high by allowing an entire range of family and professional experiences right out of the box.

Attention getting and easy to use, the 818 Hornet’s flying capabilities effectively influence both beginners and amateurs to up their video making potential and move their piloting skills forward fast.  The 120 degree wide angle lens along with the its 720pHD Camera opens up a variety of creative, 1st Class video opportunities.

The drone offers 15 minutes of flight time and also has the “Altitude Hold” feature that has become recognized for its ability to maintain altitude and make your video footage crystal clear.  It is considered a great live video streaming tool with a skill level that works well for everyone.

So whether it's the smiles of your kiddos as they recount the afternoon's celebrated reviews, or your own smile after uploading a prize winning documentary, the Altair 818 Hornet’s consistent easy-to-use video making capacity makes it the beginners preferred choice for everyone in your family or business.