DEERC D10 Quadcopter Drone with Live Video Camera

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One Key Start Take Off/ Landing, Altitude Hold, and a skill level speed adjustment give beginners and professionals alike great photos and video footage with the DEERC D10 DRONE. The D10 operates using a camera set up with 1080p HD Aerial Smooth FPV transmission so you can share your footage instantly to social media platforms.

The D10 comes with 2 batteries supporting 24-30 minutes of flying time. All of the propellers are covered with guards for safety. The D10 uses Waypoints technology to exactly trace a preplanned flight pattern over predetermined coordinates. If you hold up the palm of your hand or make a V sign with your fingers the D10 will automatically go into picture taking action.

The D10 can be intelligently controlled through its G Sensor in combination with your smartphone. You can even direct theD10 with simple voice commands such as “Take off”, or “Right” for right turn.