GoolRC Orange and Yellow RC Helicopter Model C129

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Experience the joy of flight with the GoolRC C129 RC helicopter. Small and light enough to be portable, this remote-control aircraft is perfect for traveling, letting you fly anywhere you desire. Its bold orange and yellow color scheme provides exceptional visibility so it stands out even on overcast days, and it has a sleek, modern design that's sure to please avid hobbyists.

Streamlined Design 

Weighing less than 2 pounds, this palm-sized remote-control helicopter is small enough for indoor use and tough enough for outdoor flight. Its streamlined, lightweight design and sturdy propellers promote powerful flight, and it has strong supports to ensure stable landings even on uneven ground, so your copter stays in good condition. 

Superior Maneuverability

Thanks to a six-axis gyroscope, this tiny helicopter matches the maneuvering capability of its larger counterparts. Fly up, down, forward and backward to perform stunning aerial acrobatics. The craft also offers hovering and side-flight capabilities for endless flying options.

The GoolRC helicopter's aileron-free design produces less drag and enhances attitude stability, reducing the need for manual corrections and keeping your craft safely in the air. The copter also offers one-click landing for additional ease of operation, making it a great choice for hobbyists looking for a user-friendly entry into the world of remote-controlled aircraft. 

Accurate Control

The included remote control lets you pilot the GoolRC C129 RC helicopter from up to 100 meters away, offering freedom to fly in wide open areas, and the controls are designed to be responsive for lightning-quick reactions. The transmitter uses the convenient anti-inference 2.4 frequency, so multiple aircraft can operate simultaneously in a limited space without loss of control or functionality so you're free to fly with friends. A low-battery alarm lets you recall your plane with time to spare before power runs out. This easy-fly copter includes a long-life modular battery that ensures hours of exciting play.