LOPOM GPS RC Drone with 4K Professional Camera

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This LOPOM GPS Drone employs an EIS (Electric Imaging Stabilization) camera to keep recording at the highest detail and quality. Professionals frequently use this technology everyday to achieve  filming or photography goals which must be achieved in less than great environments.

An example of this drone’s unique expertise is a situation where fast sharply detailed video footage is needed from a high altitude 4K image where you have two choices of 4K and video transmission. The 4K GPS Drone also uses a 4k camera with 5G FPV transmission so that you are seeing a very clean picture and can also real time stream it to social media using WIFI.

The LOPOM GPS and Optical Flow Positioning with this drone means that you can accurately fly your drone to an exact location and keep continual  track of it. Because of its Auto Return function all you need to do is tap “fly”, :follow me”, etc. and your drone will return immediately. 

Two powerful 3400mAh intelligent batteries, each good for 23 minutes of flying time give you a relatively long 46 minutes of flight time.  And not only that, the GPS drone can fly up to 60 minutes using double batteries and on Low Speed. This GPS Drone is packed with great software for beginning pilots such as “Follow Mode, where you can choose to follow or surround your point of interest.

Also, you have Around Mode, Waypoint Mode, One Key Take Off/Land Mode, Auto Return, Gravity Control, Virtual Reality Mode, 50 x Zoom without distortion, and on top of all that, you can get content streamed back from a distance of up to 5000 meters.