Parrot Bebop 2 Drone with 1080P HD Camera

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Lightweight and compact, the Parrot Bebop 2 is the first drone in it’s class to give you 25 minutes of flying time! With it s14MP1080P camera and enhanced fisheye lens, Bebop 2 gets those clear shots and can even film at a 90 degree angle making consistently stunning HD video and photographs!

Easy maneuverability for indoor or outdoor flying k the Bebop 2 can go everywhere. Considered to be safe and keep your  investment protected as well, the Bebop 2   has several beneficial features.  Its “Return Home” feature means that you never lose track of its location and the Bebop 2 actually comes to find you when the flight time is ending. 

And not only that,  if it ever ends up colliding with another object, its propellers even shut down so it reduces liability and minimizes any damage.  Its ultralight designation doesn’t compromise stability either.  Bebop 2 never suffers in poor weather conditions or high altitudes,  Even strong winds won’t blow it off course because of its amazing 3 axis stabilization system.

Download Bebop 2’s free app from the Apple App store on your smartphone or tablet and you will find the Freeflight 3 piloting program very easy to use.  One Key Take Off and Landing capability make it easy for any skill level pilot to fly and even do some stunts and flips. Want to share your flight experiences with friends or colleagues?  Just stream footage while you are filming to your controlling device.  Parrot owners also have their own online community called The Drone Academy. 

Sign up in the Freeflight 3 app to participate in this group and receive software that can also be used to track your flight history and retrace your route again in a 3D view.  You can also purchase a Flight Plan program through the Freeflight app that will allow you to preplan Bebop’s exact course using waypoints to plot it out.  Your drone will follow exactly the prescribed plan you lay out to get the footage, light, and angle you were hoping to capture. Bebop 2 offers pilots of all skill levels an exceptional 186 degree field of fixed angle view. 

Bebop 2  has a powerful rear flush LED so you can always keep track of its location when you are shooting footage in low light conditions and flies up to 38 mph. Its easy to see how the power packed ultralight Bebop 2 will quickly become your reliable partner in adventure or business.